Witches and Warlocks Slots

Witches-and-WarlocksWitches and Warlocks, from Cryptologic, is the kind of game you will find appealing whenever you’re looking for something scary, but not horror scary. With a dark atmosphere, with the action taking place at night, with bats flying in the distance and with dried up trees without leaves on them, the game benefits from a theme that revolves around witches and warlocks, which in case you didn’t know are the male equivalent of a witch. Don’t mistake them for wizards, these are not friendly and they rely on black magic instead of the white magic that is considered to be good.

There are 5 reels with 25 paylines on them, plus you can get your hands on a prize worth $100,000, should the best case scenario happen here. The Frightmare Jackpot is also up for grabs, but the game itself doesn’t trigger it. The features are the real disappointment, and even though you do get some things, they are limited scatter and wild symbols, plus a bonus game.

Features of Witches and Warlocks

The feature of the game would be one of the main attraction points, along with the scatter symbol that gets it for us, and the wild that is the top jackpot trigger. Nothing else is included, but the action found inside might just prove fascinating enough for some people that it will not matter.

The warlock is shown as he’s preparing to throw a fireball at someone, at least if we’re going by what the paytable is showing us. Used as the most important symbol, he has the ability to substitute for the majority of the others, the only exception being the witch scatter. Getting a minimum of two, and a maximum of five, wild symbols on the same payline, will get you a prize that goes up to 5,000 coins.

The second creature mentioned in the title, the witch, gets the second most important symbol of the slot. With the ability to appear in scattered positions, the witch gives you access to its cash prizes and to the bonus game by being in enough places at the same time. The prize range goes from 2x to 100x the triggering wager, the requirement being the presence of two to five witches scattered.


Bonus Game

The minimum requirement in place in this game, to get the bonus game started, is to have three scattered witches among the round’s symbols. The resulting battle between the Warlock and the Witch takes place on a screen, after you’ve chosen which of the two is your representative. They use their potions and spells to try and get the upper hand, and each one they use will reduce the life meter of the other. The prizes you get depend on how much there is left on the life meter, at the end of a victorious battle. If you’ve lost, you get a consolation prize that depends on how much damage your representative has dealt.

Betting options and jackpots

The game is cheap enough to be playable by pretty much anyone, no matter what their budget might look like. At the lower end, $0.01 coins can go a long way, even if you select all 25 paylines with them. The high end uses the same number of coins, up to 25, but the denomination can go up to $20, while the maximum bet can reach $500.

The 5,000 coins you can get from the Witches and Warlocks top jackpot might not sound impressive enough if you’ve been using small denomination coins, but use the $20 ones and you will get $100,000 out of it. The alternative is relying on the Frightmare progressive jackpots, randomly given out, but even they give you better odds if you use larger bets.

Design and symbols

The design of Witches and Warlocks is one of the game’s advantages, with the dark background image showing you a desolate view at night, with dried up trees barely visible. On the reels, you get well designed symbols that give you mostly witchcraft related images. It remains a scary game, but it’s also entertaining and fun to play.

Symbols: Warlock (5,000x, wild symbol), Witch (100x the bet, scatter symbol), Cauldron (1,500x), Crystal Ball (750x), Toxic Potion (250x), Black Cat (250x), Five Point Star (150x), Snake Infested Skull (150x), Carved Pumpkin (125x), Spell Book (125x), Broom (100x) and Witch Hat (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The prizes on their own would probably be enough to convince people to try it out, but luckily it succeeds at being entertaining as well, with a good design that manages to give you the kind of graphics you would want in a witch themed slot machine.

The Witches and Warlocks slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.