Wonder Woman Slots

Wonder-WomanWonder Woman was created by Cryptologic, a slot developer that is known for being behind many of the DC Comics licensed slots that are on the market today. This one is also inspired by a comic book character from the same company, called Wonder Woman. She is a popular superhero, a beautiful woman in tight outfits that is themed around the US flag. Called Diana Prince in her normal life, Wonder Woman is a warrior princess that uses both her battle skills and her superpowers to fight evil.

The 5 reels of Wonder Woman give you a lot of chances to win each round, with 50 different paylines that can be activated. Cryptologic made sure that the top payouts were attractive as well, $200,000 being offered in the best case scenario. As for the features, they will give you everything you could want, as long as you’re OK with regular features like scatter or wild symbols, with free games and multipliers.

Features of Wonder Woman

The slot might not try to impress anyone with how it innovates, it doesn’t really, but at least they managed to cram inside all the usual features, with special symbols (scatters and wilds), free games, bonus features and multipliers.

A gorgeous brunette, Wonder Woman is an unmistakable appearance, so it shouldn’t take you long to figure out when she’s present. It helps that there are special actions that this symbol will undertake, like the fact that it can form combinations with symbols that look different, by substituting for them and acting as a wild. Unfortunately, the decision was to make it appear only on the reels 2 through 5, so there are a maximum of four reels with wilds and that means that it will not be able to form its own combinations and award payouts. The only thing you can expect from it is to use its substitution powers, plus it can also get you access to a free games feature.

Scatter and Bonus marked symbols are also available, and they look quite similar, only one of them is colored in gold, the other in blue. Getting a minimum of two of these scatter symbols on the reels, in random positions, will get you a prize. The maximum amount offered is given for the appearance of five scatter symbols, in which case you are rewarded with 200x the triggering bet.


Wonder Wilds Free Games

With Wonder Woman’s help, you get a chance to play a round of free games. At least three wild symbols are required, and they have to appear during the same spin, though it can be in scattered positions. Your reward would consist in 8 free spins, which come with double the usual prizes.

Wonder Wilds are also present, appearing randomly in the game and sticking to the reels for up to 5 spins.

Ares Showdown

This is the second bonus feature that can be triggered in the game, but you can’t just get it at any time. Instead, you are required to place a bonus bet, which adds an extra 20% to your usual bet. The presence of the bonus bet, plus the appearance of 3+ scattered Logos, will trigger the Ares Showdown bonus game.

In this bonus game, Wonder Woman is attacked by Ares a total of three times, with the zombie horde sent after the first two attacks. She has to hit Ares three times in order to defeat him, which will get you a prize worth 100x the bet.


Betting options and jackpots

The bets placed in Wonder Woman are composed of two different parts, the first one being the regular bet, the second one a bonus bet. The regular bet goes quite high on his own, with the maximum being $1,000, where each of the 50 lines would get a $20 coin wager. Add to that an extra from the bonus bet, which places an extra 10 coins, and you get a $1,200 bet per spin, one of the higher of the industry.

In exchange for that large wager, you can expect generous prizes, though I’m not sure that even $200,000 is worth pursuing when you’re placing $1,200 bets per round. The equivalent in coins is 10,000, so if you’re using smaller denominations, use the coins to find out how much you can expect to win.

Design and symbols

You can expect a lot from a DC Comics licensed slot machine, and it shows that the developers invested a lot of time and money in this game. The graphics are mostly related to the action in the comic books, though they did manage to screw it up a bit by using playing cards for about half of the symbols. Other than that, the drawing quality is great for each symbol, especially those that were taken from the comic book.

Symbols: Wonder Woman (wild symbol), Scattered Logo (scatter, 200x the bet), Ares (5,000x), Redhead Superhero (2,000x), Temple (500x), Airplane Model (500x), Ace (200x), King (200x), Queen (150x), Jack (150x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Wonder Woman does a lot of things right, and I’ve enjoyed knowing that there is a potential prize of up to $200,000 available inside. The features are not bad either, and you get plenty of chances to make money inside, even if you don’t go after the big jackpot.

Wonder Woman, The Comic Book

Being part of the DC Comics universe superheroes, Wonder Woman is the alternate identity of a Amazonian princess called Diana Prince in the real world, or Diana of Themyscira when she is a princess at home. Besides knowing how to fight very well, she has a number of superpowers she can rely on and a few weapons that nobody else has. The weapons include the tiara which can be thrown as a projectile, the indestructible bracelets and a Lasso of Truth. As for her powers, they include super agility, strength, reflexes, endurance, stamina, senses, the ability to fly and that of quick healing.

Her first apparition was in a comic book called All Star Comics, in December 1941, and her creator is William Moulton Marston. At times, she has been a partner for characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Girl. Besides being part of various comic books, Wonder Woman also appeared in TV series, animated series, plus there is a plan for her to be part of a future Batman movie, with plans to be released in 2016.

Wonder Woman can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.