• Digital Gaming Solutions Slot

Digital Gaming Solutions Slot

Digital Gaming Solutions is a Costa Rica-based iGaming software supplier specializing in online sports betting and mobile applications. The company also produces online casino games and has recently expanded its offer by introducing bingo-related products.

Digital Gaming Solutions has been in the industry for more than two decades by now and its software is still used by many high-profile US-facing gambling sites, including Bovada, 5Dimes and BetCRIS.

When it comes to slots, DGS games tend to be fairly simplistic, which makes it hard for the company to compete with the other US-friendly slot makers, such as BetSoft or Real Time Gaming.

Digital Gaming Solutions Online and Land-based Slots

As you’ve probably already guessed, Digital Gaming Solutions isn’t exactly focused on casino games – the browser-based Flash package designed by the company is supposed to be an addition to its sports betting platform rather than a separate product.

Consequently, you won’t find any Digital Gaming Solutions’ slot games in brick and mortar gambling establishments. As you’d expect, DGS products are easy to integrate with third part iGaming software.

Furthermore, all DGS games have been designed to be 100% compatible with all the popular devices that are being used for gambling these days.

Digital Gaming Solutions Slot Game Reviews

Digital Gaming Solutions casino games are essentially a collection of Flash minigames, but since they’re supposed to be used in between placing bets via company’s sports betting platforms this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

All the available slots load fast than any full-scale browser based games. Furthermore, the total platform integration allows the punters to play slots and other casino games using the funds from their sports betting wallets, which is extremely convenient and fast.

It’s worth pointing out that despite the fact that DGS slots are simply an addition to the sports betting products, the company is very serious about keeping the games safe, random and fair, which means that all the games have been thoroughly checked and have received the appropriate certification from independent testers.


Reception by Players

Digital Gaming Solutions’ idea to integrate slots into a high-profile sports betting package proved to surprisingly successful and the games actually do attract a lot of bored punters.

All games are easy to play and easy to switch, which tempts sportsbook customers to try a few spins each time they place a bet or check the scoreboard. Even the most basic three-reel fruit machines tend to generate plenty of traffic, but in the end most players simply stick to the standard five reel slots with multiple pay lines. In comparison, the table games and arcade games receive significantly less attention.

Most Popular Digital Gaming Solutions Slot Machines

Some of the most popular DGS slots include Alpha Centauri, which is a simple 5 reel 5 pay line slot with animated symbols, Golden Pharaoh, which is a similar machine that comes with a 2000 coin jackpot, Pirate’s Revenge, which comes with 4 additional pay lines and a ridiculously low minimum bet setting and Legends of Hercules, which is the most sophisticated slot from the pack and which features 25 pay lines, wild symbols, scatters and a free spin bonus round.

It’s important to remember that the graphics in all of the aforementioned Digital Gaming Solutions slots are very basic, which is necessary to keep the loading times adequately short.

Company History

Digital Gaming Solutions has always been 100% dedicated to support and development – the company prides itself in having absolutely no online gambling interests of its own, which allows it to cooperate with a wide range of partners.

As of early 2015, the number of DGS-powered sites exceeded 50. The company is based in San Jose, Costa Rica with  Manuel Chavarria acting as the current CEO.

According to official statistics, Digital Gaming Solutions systems process over three million hits per day on average and deal with millions of monthly deposits. The company also operates its own electronic payment system, which has been designed with land-based race tracks, bingo halls and betting shops in mind.

Outlook and Latest Developments

As mentioned above, most of the casino games designed by Digital Gaming Solutions are very basic and may even be considered crude by some of the more demanding online gambling enthusiasts. This obviously extends to DGS video slots and DGS reel slots.

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem likely for DGS to try to change this situation, as the company commits most of its resources towards improving the online sports betting products which made it so successful in the first place.

To conclude, DGS slots aren’t going to get any prettier anytime soon, but they’re pretty much guaranteed to continue loading faster than their counterparts, which is fairly important for games that are supposed to be integrated with online sports betting platforms.