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Gamesys Slots

Gamesys is a UK based gaming company, which offered initially products for the online bingo market, but eventually they have moved on to the slot category as well. It was established in 2001 and they went from the initial small team to today, when they have close to 1,000 employees in 7 different countries. Their HQ remains in London.

The game offers around 66 slot machines total. Over 40 million users are registered on the websites they power, with total wagers being in 2012 at more than $6.4 billion. It has been named as the world’s 5th most influential gaming company. They have partnerships with News Corp, Caesars and Tropicana Casinos, plus they acquired the company Virgin Games in recent years.

Gamesys Online and Land-based Slots

Gamesys got its start as an online company, without any connection to the land based industry. They’ve only created titles for online casinos and gaming sites, so you will not find their creations in the slot machines that casinos from Las Vegas offer.

The games are designed to be played online, so all you need is a browser. Any operating system will do, there is no limitation since it’s all web based.

The quality of the games is certainly there, and the developers of Gamesys are recognized for the great titles they put out. Thanks in part to their work, the company provides software and games for Sun Bingo, Caesar’s Casino and Virgin Games, all big names in this industry.

Gamesys Slot Game Reviews

The slots that Gamesys puts out are designed to cover as many categories as possible, in terms of themes that would appeal to players at least. They’ve often created slot machines based on TV game shows, so you have titles like The X Factor and Deal or no Deal, to give just two examples. There are also games like Pirate’s Plunder or Queen of Egypt, which are typical for what the rest of the slot industry puts out.

Progressive jackpots aren’t missing either, one title which offers such a thing being called Progressive Tycoon’s Treasure. Another one would be Wonderland, a game with four huge jackpots and 100 lines, plus one of the best designs I’ve seen so far.

You will find both new and old titles in their collection, and if you can I recommend you try out the new ones especially, at least if you’re a fan of gorgeous slot machines. Titles like Wonderland, Nuts & Bolts, Wonders of the Deep and The Godfather are just a couple of examples of high quality games that they’ve launched in recent years.

If classic slots are favorites of yours, those are offered by Gamesys as well, with examples being Tycoon’s Treasure and Bullion Bonanza.

Feeling adventurous and bored with the average slot machine? Then you should try out Bejeweled Hypercash, which has 8 reels and it’s themed around the famous Facebook game.


Reception by Players

Players tend to enjoy the games that Gamesys offers, and a testament to that is the fact that big brand names use their products, sites where customer satisfaction is important. There are obviously some games which are a lot more fun to play than others, and I’m talking here about the new slot machines, the ones with much improved graphics. With dozens of different slot machines offered, Gamesys offers its players plenty of games to try out, so they don’t get bored too quickly with them.

Most Popular Gamesys Slot Machines

The most popular titles that Gamesys offers seem to be the ones that have some sort of connection to the real world, meaning that they’re based on games, movies or TV game shows. Titles which appear to be popular include Bejeweled 2, Zuma, The X Factor, Wonderland, Family Fortunes, The Godfather and Deal or no Deal.

These aren’t necessarily great looking games, but they offer players an experience that they are looking for. Fans of the game shows obviously want to try out the slots as well, while titles like Bejeweled 2 seem to be popular no matter on what platform and in which form the players get the action.

Company History

Founded in 2001, Gamesys was created by Andrew Dixon, Robin Tombs and Noel Hayden, along with a small initial team of designers and developers. These days, the group has 900+ employees and they’re spread across the world, in 7 global offices, while the main HQ is based in London.

The company has managed to become one of the top operators and software developers, being the ones behind brands like Jackpotjoy, Caesar’s Casino or Virgin Games, names which are among the biggest in this industry. Over 250 games are offered by Gamesys, in multiple categories, the main ones being their bingo games and the slot machines.

A more recent development is the partnership with Facebook, which made them the world’s first company that launches games with real cash prizes on that platform.

Among the subsidiaries which are part of the Gamesys Group you will find Gamesys Limited, the company we’re talking about here, plus Profitable Play, Leisure Spin, Nozee, Gamesys Spain, Entertaining Play and Mice and Dice.

Outlook and Latest Developments

Gamesys continues to try and push the boundaries of what can be done in this industry, being focused for the most part on the Bingo and Slot games. A recent development is the start of the development for Facebook based games where real cash can be used and won, so it’s not just for fun anymore.