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Different Playtech Slot Game Bonus Features

You are going to find lots of Playtech’s slot games will award you with some form of bonus game or base game bonus feature as you are playing them at one time or another, however as you may never have played slots online from this leading casino game designer before, then please keep on reading, for we will enlighten you on a wide range of unique and some fairly standard types of bonus games that can be triggered on their slot games.

One aspect of playing any online slot on which a bonus game can be triggered, is that the way those bonus games are awarded will often vary from slot to slot, and as such you will find some slot games can and will award their respective bonus games via a set of spun in scatter symbols, for you may be required to line up a matching set of bonus symbols in a certain order on an activated payline to trigger some slot games bonus rounds.

In fact some of Playtech’s slot games can and will randomly award their respective bonus games, so when playing slots which do award a randomly awarded bonus game you could be given the bonus games once any base game spin of the reels have been played off. Let us now highlight and give you an overview on some of the most commonly found bonus games attached to loads of Playtech’s slot games.

Free Spins Bonus Games – You are going to find that the most commonly awarded bonus game on most video slots are those on which you will end up playing off a number of free spins and often attached to those free spins will be multipliers which will boost the value of any winning combinations that spin in.

There is usually a requirement to spin in at least three scatter symbols on any base game spin to be awarded with a free spins feature game such as the one offered on the Cat Queen slot, however some of Playtech’s newer slot games have stacked scatter symbols on their reels and as such when playing slots such as their Esmeralda slot game you will get awarded with a higher number of free spins based on just how many scatter symbols have spun in.

Pick to Win Bonus Games – A large and growing number of Playtech designed slot games have something known as a pick to win based bonus game which can be awarded to you when playing them, and these types of slots are quite easy to play and understand for once you have spun into view the required number of scatter or bonus symbols then a bonus game screen will launch.

On that screen you will find several areas of the screen which can be clicked on, these are usually highlighted by some form of symbol on the screen and you are simply tasked with selecting one or more of those symbols and when clicked a cash prize can be awarded to you.

Some slots will offer you a pick to win bonus game that only ever awards a set number of picks however some bonus games will allow you to keep on picking symbols off the bonus game screen and winning the respective cash prizes associated with each location on that bonus screen until you reveal some form of collect symbol. In fact some pick to win bonus games could also award you with additional picks as you uncover special symbols underneath some of the locations on the bonus game screen!

Pick and Match Bonus Games – If you trigger something known as a pick and match type of bonus game then you will often be faced with a grid like formation on the bonus game screen and will be required to pick off one location at a time to reveal a symbols underneath that location on the grid.

The aim of these types of bonus games is fairly straight forward and that is you will need to eventually uncover a set number of matching symbols, and then once you reveal a matching set of them the game award you the payout associated with those symbols on the bonus games pay table.

Some of Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot slots can randomly award one of these bonus feature rounds and when awarded you will be guaranteed of winning one of four progressive jackpots once you have played off the pick and match bonus game!

Spin the Wheel Bonus Games – There are plenty of exciting bonus games that you can trigger and be awarded with whenever you choose to play Playtech designed slot games for free or for real money. One bonus game lots of players actively seek out is the wheel spinning bonus game.

When you come across a slot offering such a feature you are tasked with having to set a wheel spinning and that wheel will be divided up into different sections each of which have a different cash prize on offer its those segments. Whichever segment of the wheel is facing the win arrow when the wheel finally stops spinning will then the cash prize you will be awarded with!

Double Up Gamble Bonus Games – We have dedicated a section of our website that is going to enlighten you on the different types of Playtech Slot Game Gamble Game Options you will be offered when you play some of their slot games and have spun in a winning combination.

When you play slots offering a gamble type of bonus game you will be faced with having to play a playing card based guessing game in the hope you either manage to correctly guess whether the next card dealt out will be red or black, or you will be tasked with picking one of several down facing playing cards in the hope that the one you select is a higher valued one that an up facing playing card. Guessing correctly will be you doubling your initial spun in winning combinations value.