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Free Spin Slot Games with the Highest Valued Multiplier

Some of the most played slot games, whether those slots are being accessed online, via a mobile device or are being played in a land based casino are slots on which free spins based bonus games can be awarded. You will find literally hundreds of them are available to play at online casino sites, and throughout this website we have every single one of them fully reviewed.

However, as part of our Complete Guide to Free Spin Bonus Games series of articles we would like to present to you the one below. This guide is dedicated to showcasing to you the free spins awarding slot games whose individual bonus games have the high valued multipliers attached to the bonus game.

You can often be forced to have to play off a very large number of base game spins before a bonus free spins feature round is awarded to you, and as such you will want the best chances of winning big when it finally is triggered. With this in mind and as each of the following slot games boast huge valued multipliers which increase the value of any free spins bonus game spun in winning combination, the following slots are the ones you should be playing.

Each slots listed below will be available to play online via a free play mode. So if any of them catch your imagination then you can always put them through their paces online at no risk, to see if their respective free spins bonus games are what you are looking for!

Mardi Gras Fever – You can send up to 20 paylines in play on Microgaming’s Mardi Gras Fever, and this slot being a multi stake slot will give you a plethora of different staking options. What makes this slot worthy of note is the way that its free spins bonus game plays out.

Whenever you manage to get three or more of the Joker scatter symbols spinning into view, anywhere on its base game screen a set of five free spins are awarded to you. Whilst it is true to say five free spins is not really a large number of free spins, what makes that bonus game exciting to play off, is the multiplier values attached to those free spins.

The multiplier values attached to every single free spins played off are worth x10, and as such even small modestly sized winning combinations that you spin in can be massively increased in value. The only downside of that free spins round is that the free spins cannot be re-triggered!

Isis Slot – Another Microgaming slot game on which you are going to find some very high valued multiplier coming into play during its free spins bonus game is the Isis slot. This is a 25 payline slot game, but is one of their very high variance slots.

Whenever you spin in three or more of the Eagle scatter symbols you will be awarded with a set number of free spins. The more scatter symbols that do spin in the more free spins you get to play off. The multiplier values in play on each free spin played off are x6 in value.

Santa Paws Slot – When you play Microgaming’s Santa Paws slot game you can trigger a free spins bonus game on which a randomly awarded multiplier value will come into play. The way in which you trigger this slot games free spins round is as usual by spinning in three or more of its scatter symbols.

This slot has been designed as a multi line and multi stake slot on which in total you can play up to 20 paylines and put into play up to 10 coins per payline. When you spin in three or more of the scatter symbols 12 initial free spins will be awarded to you.

As each free spins has been played off the slot will display a random multiplier value which could be as high as x7. Obviously you will be hoping to spin in a high valued winning combination and then see the multiplier displayed being as high as possible to achieve the highest value free spins payouts!

Harvey’s Slot – You will be taking something of a risk if you choose to play the Harvey’s slot game, for you are never going to know in advance just how many free spins nor what the multiplier will be until you trigger the free spins and as they are playing off!

You will first be tasked with having to see spinning in via the base game screen a scatter symbol on reel number two and reel number four. Those two symbols must spin in together via the same base game spin but it doesn’t matter in which reel positions on those two reels they land, as long as two of them have spun in the bonus game will be triggered.

The Harvey’s slot will then reveal a random number of free spins, which can be as high as thirty of them. As those free spins are all playing off, at the end of any one free spins a randomly multiplier will also be displayed on the screen. This multiplier values can be as high as x25! So it is true to say that when everything falls into place when playing this slot some massive amounts of cash can be won via its free spins bonus feature round!

High Society Slot – One final free spins awarding bonus video slot game worth checking out and playing is the High Society slot from Microgaming. When you choose to play this slot as soon as you trigger the free spins bonus game two different options are available in regards to how you get to play off your free spins.

One of the options is to be awarded a set of free spins on which random multipliers come into play, as soon as a winning combination has been spun in via the bonus game. That option could see your winning payout being subjected to a very large x10 multiplier!