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Most Played Playtech Slot Games

Once any slot player makes the decision of choosing to play at a Playtech software powered online casino site there are going to be a huge number of slot games listed in the games menu, irrespective of whether that casino is one of the newer mobile casinos offering mobile slot games from Playtech or one of their downloadable on instant play online casinos.

Becoming overwhelmed and not knowing just which slot games to get stuck into playing first is going to be something most players will experience, as there are hundreds of different Playtech Slots available, and each of them will offer players something different by their base game, any additional bonus games, and when playing slots from this well known slot game designer you are going to find the jackpots on offer on each of their slots and their respective payout percentages can and will vary.

With this in mind we would like to present to you the following listing of the most played Playtech slot games, there is of course a reason that each of these slot games get a lot of real money gaming action from slot players, and alongside each of the slots listed below we will give you an explanation of why they are so popular.

For reference we have reviewed each slot game that Playtech have designed, and as such if any of these slot games look appealing them make sure you checkout that slot games review as you will find them very informative and will allow you to make a much more informed decision on whether you are going to enjoy playing them or not!

Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot Slots – By opting to play at any casino site online using Playtech’s gaming platforms you are going to come across quite a number of slot games that make up part of their Marvel Jackpot series of slot games.

These slots are all unique in regards to their themes and bonus features, however each of them are multi line and multi stake video slots which can and will offer you a wide and very varied range of bonus games that you can trigger whilst playing them.

However, what makes these slots game some of the most played ones in Playtech casino sites is that they all share four progressive jackpots. Those jackpots are all different sized ones and as such you will find the smaller sized jackpots tend to get won very regularly often dozens of times each day however it is the way these slot award their progressive jackpots that makes them very appealing slot to play.

The progressive jackpots are awarded to players via a bonus pick and match type bonus feature, and that bonus game is triggered completely at random no matter what stakes a player is playing for and irrespective of just how many paylines have been put into play.

As soon as the bonus game is awarded to a player that player knows that as soon as they have played off the pick and match bonus round they will win one of the four progressive jackpots instantly.

Playtech Classic Slot Games – Players who want a very fast paced slot game to play online will often make a beeline to play the range of Classic slot games that can be found in the gaming suite of all Playtech software powered online and mobile casino sites.

By playing classical slots you are never going to find your gaming session slowed down by having to play off bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered slots such as the video slot games. If you are looking for fast and hassle free slots to play make sure you spend some time looking through the Playtech range of classical slot machines ad there are going to be several of them designed and structured in a way you are going to find very appealing.

Multi Spin Slots – Playtech have a special set of what they call their Multi Spin slot games, now when you are playing these types of three reel slot you have to be aware of their two part playing structure. For Multi Spins slots let you play several slots of the same name and type and when you play them you will be placing an individual wager on each slot game offered.

Once you have chosen just how much you wish to wager on each of the slots displayed on the screen you then click on the spin button, and the first set of reels is the series will spin, you then have the option of locking into place any of the spun in reel symbols on that first set of reels and any symbols you hold are then transposed onto the reels of the other slots located above that set of reels.

You then click on the spin button a second time and the un-held reels will spin. The main attraction for players playing the Playtech range of Multi Spins lots is that you will find the payout percentages on all of them are the highest ones offered on any Playtech designed slot games and those payout percentages are in excess of 98% and 99%!

Playtech Progressive Slots – One final category of online slot game that you may be very interested in playing when logged into a Playtech software powered online or mobile casino site are their range of progressive slot games.

There are quite a number of differently structured progressive slot games on offer by Playtech however there are some slots in this category that you will definitely never have come across before. You will of course find standard three reel progressive slots as well as more than enough progressive video slot games to play.

But make sure you checkout some slots such as the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game for when you play that slot you not only have the chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot but you could qualify to win a share of another players progressive jackpot if you have played that slot in the last 24 hours before another player wins that jackpot!