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Multi Spin Slot Game Payout Percentages

You are assured of being able to find exactly the type of slot games you are looking to play when you log into an online casino using the Playtech gaming platforms. Playtech have been designing slots for many, many years now and they have one of the largest suites of downloadable and no download required slots. In fact many of their slot games have also found their way on to gaming terminals found in land based gaming venues.

However, we do know many of our slot playing website visitors are actively seeking out not only completely unique and entertaining slot games to play, but also those offering the highest payout percentages. With this in mind if you are thinking of signing up to and playing slots offered at any Playtech software powered casino then make sure you read through the following slot game guide.

For listed below are all of the currently available Multi Spin slot games launched and released by Playtech and these slots by virtue of their respective long term expected payout percentages are the best playing slots from Playtech.

You do however need to be aware of the unique playing structure of these Multi Spin slots for they are not your usual types of slot games! When playing them you are playing several of the same type of slots on each spin you play off. You will find each of the following slots have several different reel sets displayed on their screens, and you need to place a wager on each reel set before you can set their respective reels spinning.

Each set of reels is identical and these slots are designed as three reel slots. Once you have chosen your preferred stakes and clicked onto the spin button just one set of reels will spin. Once that set of reels have spun and stopped then you are allowed to hold any or all of the reel symbols.

The reels you choose to hold are then transposed onto every other set of reels that slot has on offer, and then you need to click on the spin button again, and the un-held reels are then sent spinning. The beauty of playing the Multi Spin slots is that if on that initial base game spin you spin in a winning combination, you can hold that combination and all of the other reel sets will have that winning combination transposed onto them.

Let us now give you an overview of each of the Multi Spin slot game offered at any Playtech software powered casino site. We have full and informative reviews of each of these slot games throughout this website, so if you are interested in learning more about any of them we invite you to read through those reviews.

Goblin’s Cave – The best slot game you can play when logged into any Playtech powered online casino site currently is the Goblin’s Cave slot game. This slot is one of their 3 row Multi Spins slots and as such you will find three sets of reels in play on its screen. When playing this slot you are going to find it pays out much more than any other Playtech designed slot and that is due to its payout percentage being set at a very high and very attractive 99.32%.

Ugga Bugga – Another slot game which is going to give you a Multi Spin playing structure and one that is going to payout much more of your stakes as winning payouts over your long term play is the Ugga Bugga slot. This slot much like all of the other Multi Spin slots listed on this guide can be played for several different stake options, and a free play version is also available. When playing it the certified payout percentage you will be playing against is a huge 99.07%, and there are ten slot game reel sets in play per spin you play off, so you will get the maximum winning chances when playing it.

Ocean Princess – If you like the sound of these very high paying Multi Spin slot games from Playtech, then another one to add to your list of slots to play is the Ocean Princess slot. This game differs slightly from the above two Multi Spin slots in as much as you are playing five reel sets per spin. However much like those two slots named above its payout percentage is huge, and that RTP has been fully verified as being a large 99.07!

Tropic Reels – You could win some very large amount of cash when playing any of these Multi Spin slot games, and one that offers a jackpot payout worth a whopping 12500 coins is the Tropic Reels slot. This slot comes with a high payout percentage of 98.95% and when playing it you have five different reel sets in play.

Triple Profits – The final slot game that makes up the high paying multi Spin slot game series from Playtech is the Triple Profits slot. This slot has just three reel sets in play on its screen, and as such can be a low cost slot to play. However you will always have the maximum winning chances whenever you decide to play it thanks to its long term payout percentage being set at a high 98.72%.