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Online Slot Game Payout Percentages

Whilst playing online slot games is of course fun and entertaining, when you play them you will be hoping all sessions you have playing any type of slot game will be profitable. The one way that you are going to have a much more enjoyable time playing slot games is by selecting the slots which have been designed with the highest payout percentages.

Many online casino licensing authorities and gambling commissions insist that all slot games available at any casinos they have licensed display the RTP of each slot game. RTP simply means Return to Player and is a way of displaying how much of a player’s stakes, over the long term is going to be returned to them as winning payouts.

However, trying to find this very important information can often be very time confusing as they will display the RTP of each slot on the help files or pay tables on each slot. You could literally spend hours looking up this information, and with this in mind we have collated all of the facts and figures surrounding the best paying slots from each of the leading online slot game designers to make finding that information much more easier.

Below you will find links to each of our dedicated slot game payout percentage guides, if you are looking for the highest paying slot games then follow the links and all will be revealed.

Playtech Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages – This slot playing guide is going to introduce you to all of our individual Playtech slot game guides which will enlighten you on the best and worst paying Playtech slots. You really should check through those guides as by doing so you will find which slot games are worth playing and which slots are not worth playing!

Understanding Slot Game Payout Percentages

A slot games expected or theoretical payout percentage is what that slot game will have been designed to return to players over their long term play on that slot game. So for example if you come across a slot on which you find displayed a long term expected or theoretical RTP of 96%, then for every 100.00 wagered on that slot game 96.00 will be returned as winning payouts.

It should be noted that those figures are based on your long term play and as such not every single 100.00 you wager will see you spinning in winning combinations on which the payout values add up to 96.00. You could play off 100.00 worth of credits on a single session and get much more or much less than 96.00 paid out to you, but over time the payout percentage will balance out.

There is usually no rhyme or reason as to why some slot games have been designed with much higher payout percentages that other slot games. It will be down purely to the way the slot game designer has put that slot game together that will determine whether it is going to be a high paying one or a low paying one. However, as a player you do actively need to be picking out only those slots offering you the highest RTP’s, or you will lose more money more quickly by playing lower paying slots online!

How to Work Out Slot Game Session RTP’s

Whilst a slot game may have a certified and verified payout percentage, any individual slot session you have is going to see your actual payout percentage achieved on that slot playing session vary. Many players will tend to work out what each individual slot playing session saw them achieving as a payout percentage, and will, if that payout percentage was low, use that as a bargaining tool to try and get a free comp from the casino they played at!

If you are interested in learning how to work out the exact payout percentage that you have achieved playing one single slot game, over any length of time, then allow us to present to you the easiest way for you to do just that.

Total Stakes Wagered – To very accurately work out your individual slot game payout percentage on any one or more sessions played on that slot you need to keep detailed records of each session. You only actually need two pieces of information but they do need to be accurate.

The first thing you need to know is just how much you wagered on that slot game. By wagered we mean how much cash from your casino account balance was wagered on every single spin of the slot games reels you sent into live play.

The easiest way to find out this information is to keep a running total of the number of spins you played off and the stake at which you staked each spin. This information should not include any spins on the slot game reels that were not “paid for” spins, and by this we mean spins awarded via a slot games free spins bonus rounds. As it was the base game spin which triggered the free spins bonus game that is the only stake you should include in your running total and not the number of free spins you played off, as those were obviously free of charge spins and not paid for!

Total Winning Payouts – Next you need to count up all of the winning payouts awarded to you during your slot playing session or sessions. Only winnings that were credited to your online casino account balance should be included in this figure, which includes all base game winning payouts and any winnings achieved from any form of bonus game.

Do not include any winnings you spun in but lost via a slot games gamble game, as those winnings did not get credited to your casino account, as you lost them, but do include any winnings that were credited to your casino account from a  successful (winning) gamble game, which did end up getting credited to your casino account.

Divide Winnings by Stakes – Once you have those two figures, simply divide the Total Winnings by the Total stakes. If after dividing the winnings by the stakes the figures you arrive at begin in a zero, for example 0.88 then get rid of the zero and the decimal point and that will be your RTP for that session, 88%.

If your figure arrived at by dividing your total winnings by your total stake begins in any other number other than a zero, such as 1.456 then get rid of the decimal point, and the first three digits will be your RTP for that session, namely 145%.