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Playtech Classic Slot Games

Playing slots that can and will award you with bonus games, base game features and all manner of addition features can often mean you are going to have something of a complicated slot playing session, and with there being a growing number of online slot players who are moving their land based gaming action online, and with many of those players much preferring to play the more easy to play classic slot games, should you be one of those players then the following slot game guide is going to be of interest to you.

Below you are going to find a range of Playtech Online Slot Games all of which have been designed as classic slot games, and as such when you play any of the following slots you will find they come with a basic three reel playing structure.

All of Playtech’s classic slots listed below will not enable you to trigger any form of bonus games or bonus features and this is going to suit players looking for a laid back type of gaming session and a range of slots to play that offer a much faster paced gaming session, but one that could see them winning some sizeable amounts of cash without having to endure long and drawn out bonus games!

Haunted House Slot – You will have the option of playing not just one single payline when you choose to play the classic slot game that goes by the name of the Haunted House slot but you can play up to five different pay lines. This is one of Playtech’s multi coin slot games and as such once you have decided how many paylines you wish to play you can then set each spin to play off with your owned preferred coin value attached to each payline.

Be aware though that each of the five paylines has its own unique jackpot payout attached to it, and when playing five lines per spin the jackpot you will be playing for once you have spun in on the fifth payline three of the Garlic reel symbols is 1800 coins, so maybe you should play this slot with all five paylines in play as by doing so you will never miss out on that higher paying winning combinations spinning in!

Party Line Slot – If you would much prefer playing a classical slot game from Playtech that boasts just one single payline, then the Party Line slot game may be worth tracking own and playing. This slot has one single payline but when playing it you can choose to play from one to three coins per spin and the coin values are of course fully adjustable by players, so you are going to find a stake level at which to play it for that you can comfortably afford.

The jackpot is paid out to you when playing this slot game online when you line up on that one single payline three of the Party Hat reel symbols, bye aware though that the jackpot payout for a one, two and three coin spin is 1200 coins, 2400 coins and 4000 coins respectively and as such the best way to play this slot is with three coins in play per spin you play off for that will put into play that enhanced three coin jackpot payout!

Jungle Boogie Slot – The Jungle Boogies slot game has a very similar playing structure to the slot above, and as such if you choose to play this Jungle themed online classic slot game from Playtech you will find it offers just one single payline but up to thee coins can be activated and put into play per spin.

It does differ slightly from the above named slot game in regards to the jackpot that are on offer, for once you have lined up three of the jackpot reels symbols on the payline if you are playing one, two or three coins per spin you will instantly be rewarded with a jackpot payout worth 1000 coins, 2000 coins and 4000 coins respectively, and as such once again it is going to be worth you playing three coin spins to take advantage of that enhanced jackpot payout.

Crazy 7 Slot – Should you be looking to play a very Low Variance Playtech Slot game online but want to access one that has been designed as a 3 Reel Classic slot then make your way over to any Playtech software powered casino site and select their Crazy 7 slot game.

This slot is a single payline slot on which once again you can play up to three coins per spin, however due to its very low variance playing structure you will find the jackpots on offer for a one, two or three coins spin are 100 coins, 200 coins and 400 coins.

However, due to its low variance playing structure and format you are going to find this classic slot game pays out its jackpot payout much more regularly than any other classic slot game, but make note of those jackpot payouts and put into play thee coin spins!

Tres Amigo Slot – One final classic slot game which you may be willing to play when logged into a Playtech software powered online casino site is their Tres Amigo slot game. This is a single payline slot and when playing it you have the choice of selecting one of many different coin value settings and you can choose to play one or two coins per spin.

The base game jackpot on offer is 1200 coins for a single coin base game spin and by playing for two coins per spin that jackpot is enhanced and as such you could spin in the three jackpot symbols when playing two coin spins and if you do you will be rewarded with a 2500 coin jackpot. The jackpot symbols you will be hoping to spin in irrespective of how many coin you have activated are three or the Amigo reel symbols!