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Playtech Marvel Jackpot Slot Game RTP’s

When you choose to play any of the Playtech Marvel Jackpot slot games you are going to find each of them are themed around one or more of the characters found in Marvel Comic Books. Each slot comes with a video slot game playing structure and as such you will have a range of different stake options on offer on which to play them for.

The bonus games you can trigger on each slot will be unique to the slot you are playing. However, each slot has a Marvel Jackpot bonus game which is randomly awarded to players. This bonus game can only be awarded at the end of a base game spin of the reels, and any player, playing for any stake can trigger this potentially huge paying bonus game.

When triggered a player is presented with a grid like formation on the slot game bonus screen. By selecting one position on that grid at a time, one of four symbols will be revealed. Each symbol is associated with one of the four progressive jackpots displayed on the slot games screen, and by revealing three matching symbols a player will then instantly win that jackpot.

Those four jackpots are known as the Power Jackpot, the Extra Power Jackpot, the Super Power Jackpot and the Ultimate Jackpot. The seed values of each of those jackpots are 50.00, 500.00, 5000.00 and 100,000.00 respectively, and as such it will be the higher valued jackpots you will be hoping to win if you play any of these slots and trigger that bonus game!

Below you will find all of the different Marvel Jackpot slot games on offer at Playtech software powered online casino sites, and alongside each of them we will enlighten you on the certified long term expected payout percentage of each slot.

X-Men – There are two Marvel Jackpot slot games which are the best paying slots you can play in this series of slots. The first one of the X-Men slot game and this slot, along with the one listed below boast a payout percentage of 95.03%.

Ghost Rider – One new Marvel Jackpot slot game which has recently gone live is the Ghost Rider slot. This slot is a high paying one for it has been designed with a long term expected payout percentage of 95.03%.

Blade – One of the more uniquely designed Marvel Jackpot slot games from Playtech is the Blade slot. This slot game has some unique split reel symbols that can help you form a range of unique winning combinations, and it is a slot worthy of your play time and real money gaming action due to its RTP being set at 95.00%.

Elektra – You will be sending into play up to 20 paylines if you choose to play the Elektra slot game online. This slot boasts a set of expanding reel symbols to help you increase your winning chances when playing it and its long term expected RTP is 94.94%

Fantastic Four – There are two different versions of the Fantastic Four slot game on offer at casino sites using the Playtech gaming platforms. The original version is the best slot to play due to its payout percentage being 94.88% which is considerably higher than the one offered on the other version which is the 50 payline variant mentioned below.

Daredevil – You may find the Daredevil slot game an exciting slot to play thanks in no small part to its unique Bulls Eye feature. That will see you picking up a set of bonus payouts when certain symbols land on selected reel positions. This slot game does boast a fairly reasonable long term payout percentage that has been verified as being 94.94%.

The Incredible Hulk – The Incredible Hulk slot game is one of several Marvel Jackpot slots which boast some form of pick to win bonus game feature round. When playing this slot you are going to find that over your long term play you get 94.82% of your stakes back as winning payouts.

Iron Man – There are two Iron Man slot games offered at Playtech powered sites, the original slot which comes with a payout percentage that has been certified as being 94.99% and the slot mentioned below, both of which have their own unique set of bonus games on offer.

Iron Man 2 – One of the last Marvel Jackpot slot games worth playing due to its payout percentage being quite reasonable in size is the Iron Man 2 slot game. The RTP of this slot is 94.99%, the remainder of the slots listed below have RTP’s that are not as high as this and those listed above, and as such are not worthy of your play time or attention!

Fantastic Four 50 Lines – Another slot game which may catch your attention when you are logged into a Playtech software powered casino is the Fantastic Four 50 line slot. No prizes for guessing this slot game lets you put into play 50 pay lines! However, you should never be in a rush to play it due to its very low expected long term payout percentage being set low at just 91.99%

Thor the Mighty Avenger – One of the very latest marvel Jackpot slot games to go live at Playtech software powered online casino sites is the Thor the Mighty Avenger slot game. Whilst this slot does come with an exciting bonus game on which a large number of free spins can be triggered, its payout percentage is unattractive at a low 91.92%!

The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines – This Marvel Jackpot slot game as the name suggest comes with 50 pay lines which can be sent into live play. However, we doubt you will be interested in playing this slot game when we enlighten you on its payout percentage! For that RTP has been set very low at just 91.00% which makes is the lowest paying Marvel Jackpot slot available.