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Playtech Progressive Slot Games

You are often going to find it very hard to resist the lure of the progressive jackpot awarding slot games that are offered at all online casino sites, for the way in which these types of slots are networked together at casinos all using the same gaming software platforms means that when playing some of the progressive slots on offer, you could instantly become a multi millionaire when playing them, if you manage to line up the jackpot paying combination!

We think that you are going to enjoy playing all of the progressive slot games that have been designed by Playtech, for what this leading casino game designer has managed to do over the last couple of decades is to launch and make available a very large selection of completely differently structure progressive slots, and as such you will find all of them offer you something different when you are playing them.

With this in mind and as part of our series of Playtech slot playing guides in this one we are going to introduce you to each of the many different structured progressive slot games which you can access and play at any Playtech powered casino site, and as such if you fancy taking your chances playing one or more Playtech Slots that could award you with a life changing jackpot win at any moment then the following slot games are the ones that you really ought to be playing!

Payline Awarded Progressive Jackpot Slots

You will find dozens of different slot games at any Playtech powered casino site that have a progressive jackpot attached to them. Some of the most popular ones are those on which you have to line up the respective slot games jackpot symbols on a certain payline when you are playing them in a certain way to win the jackpot on offer.

Be aware though that if you do intend to play any progressive slot game that offers its jackpot by you having to line up the jackpot paying reel symbol on a certain payline you will often be required to have to play either maximum payline spins or maximum bet spins to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Failure to play these types of slots with the maximum number of paylines or maximum bet wagers in play will see you never having the chance of winning the progressive jackpot and it will often be the case that instead of the progressive jackpot you will only be able to win a fixed number of coins when you play without the required wagers in place!

Randomly Awarded Progressive Slot Jackpots

Look out for the range of Marvel Jackpot slot games that you can access and play at Playtech powered casinos for if you want the best chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing slots online then those slot games are the ones you need to concentrate all of your playing efforts on!

When you play any of the many different individual slot games that make up the Marvel Jackpot series of slot game you will find that all of them have their own unique payline and playing structures, and each of them will boast a theme of one or more of the characters found in the Marvel Comic Books, hence the name of this slot game series!

So when playing them you will be able to play them for any number of paylines and or any stake levels you wish and when playing them a wide and very varied range of base game and bonus game feature rounds can be awarded to you.

But each Marvel jackpot slot game has a special bonus game that can be awarded to you, and that bonus game is randomly awarded and there is never any requirement to play the slot for any specific stake amount to be awarded with that bonus round.

The bonus game is a pick and match type feature on which a special bonus grid will be displayed on the slot game screen once it has been awarded to you, and then you need to pick off one location on that grid at a time, and you will then reveal one of four different symbols. Each symbol is associated with one of the four progressives jackpots on offer on this slot, and you have to keep picking locations off that grid until you get a matching set of one type of symbol, as soon as you do you will then instantly win the progressive jackpot associated with that symbol.

Get a Share of Other Players Progressive Jackpots

There is a very special slot game that you need to be aware of if you log into any Playtech powered casino site, and that slot game is the Everybody’s Jackpot slot machine. When you play this slot game you will of course be hoping to win the progressives jackpot on offer, and that jackpot can be seen growing in size as more and more players play it at the same time as you are playing it.

However, what makes this slot game very unusual is that as you are playing it you can qualify to win a share of the progressive jackpot if another player manages to win it within 24 hours of you playing the slot!

This slot game really has caught the imagination of slot players all over the world, for by making sure you allocate a small amount of play time to this slot game each day, you will then be guaranteed of winning a share of the jackpot when it is finally won!

The only downside of playing the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game is that if you win the progressive jackpot you will not win the entire amount as a small percentage of the jackpot pool is used to give other players their fair share of the jackpot, however you will still pick up a very large amount of the progressive jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter if you do win its jackpot!