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Playtech Slot Game Playing Structures

There are lots of different slot games from Playtech that are going to fall into one of several different categories of slots, and in this slot playing guide we shall take a look at each of those playing structures which should hopefully allow you to find  plenty of their slots which appeal to you.

You are going to be able to access and play the vast majority of Playtech designed slot games online either for free or for real money, and one way of discovering if any of the following games are to your liking it to play them in a no risk free play environment before playing them for real money.

The only slot games that you cannot play  for free are those on which a progressive jackpot can be won by players, for due to the way those slot games progressive jackpot pools are fed by the stakes of real money players they are only accessible to players via the real money mode.

Classic Slot Games

Not every online slot player is going to be attracted to slot games offering bonus games, multiple paylines and all manner of different bonus features, and this is why Playtech have designed their own unique collection of very easy to play Classic slot games.

If you are looking to play slots offering just a small number of paylines and are quite happy playing slots which come with just three reels as opposed to those slots offering five vide reels, and are not too fussed about animated reel symbols and sampled sound effects then the Classic slot games are going to be ideal slots to play.

You will find Playtech’s range of Classic slots will offer you just as many winning opportunities as their video slot games as they have been designed with generous pay tables and higher than average payout percentages.

Multi Spin Slots

Playtech have a range of what are known as Multi Spin slots, these slots will let you play several of the same slots all via the base game and this type of slot offers a two part playing structure. You will initially spin just one set of slot reels and will be given the option of holding and locking into position any of the spun in reel symbols.

Any symbols you hold will be transposed onto all of the other slots and you will then be able to spin the reels a second time in the hope that you get a matching winning combination on one or more of the additional slot game reel sets.

Video Slot Games

The largest and without a doubt the most played category of slot games at all casinos that utilize the Playtech suite of slot games are the video slot games, you are going to find hundreds of these types of slot games on offer, and the reason players enjoy playing them more than any other category of slot is that they offer all manner of payline and stake options and when playing the vast majority of them one or more bonus games and/or bonus features can be awarded and triggered.

To enable you to be able to find exactly the type of video slot game that appeals to you the most we have reviews of every single slot game Playtech have released, so please do have a good look around our website for you will be guaranteed of finding lots of their slot games that you will be itching to play yourself and you will be able to test drive any of them via the free play option offered at each Playtech powered casino site!

Fixed Odds Slots

In all Playtech powered casinos you will find, in the Arcade Games menu, an unusually structured slot game and this is a Fixed Odds slot which is usually named after the casino site at which it is on offer. When you choose to play this slot you are going to be faced with having to correctly predict which of the possible winning combinations will be spun in on the next spin of its reels you send into live play.

Unlike standard online slots where you are able to spin in and be awarded any winning combination listed on its pay table when you are playing Fixed Odds slots you have to pick one or more of the possible winning combinations that can be formed from the pay table and place a bet on one or more of them that you think will be spun in.

To be honest these type of slots can take a little getting used to, however one of the pay table listed winning payout will definitely be spun in on each spin of its reels you send into live play, but correctly predicting which one it will be is the hard  part of playing any Fixed Odds slot game!

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Please do take a good look through all of our Playtech slot game reviews for by doing so you will come across lots of different progressive slot games on which some very large winning payouts can be awarded to you.

The way in which Playtech have designed their range of progressives slot games is such that you will find some slot games will award their respective progressive jackpots by you spinning in a winning combination in the unusual way on one particular payline  or when you have wagered a certain number of coins on any base game spin.

You will also find a range of slots on which a randomly award bonus game can be awarded to you and when you play off that bonus game you could win one of several different progressive jackpots.

In fact Playtech have also released an online progressive slot game on which you will get to win a share of another player’s progressive jackpot if you have played that slot in the last 24 hours before the jackpot was won by another player! So it is very safe to say you are going to find plenty of progressive slots from Playtech several of which you will take an instant shine to!