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Playtech Slot Game Variance Explained

When you choose to play any of the large number of different slot games which you will find offered at online casinos which utilize the Playtech gaming platforms you are going to find each slot available will have been designed in one of three main ways.

Irrespective of whether a slot is a three reel slot, a video slot or is one of the many different progressive slot games or is a slot on which all manner of different bonus games and bonus features can be triggered and awarded to you, each of the many Playtech Slots will have been designed with something known as either a Low Variance, Medium Variance or High Variance playing structure.

Variance simply means the way in which a slot is going to award its winning payouts, and below you will find an informative overview of each of these three different types of playing structures and playing formats. Please do have a good look through this slot playing guide, for once you understand how each Playtech slot game works and operates and into which category of variance that game falls, you will be able to select a range of slots to play offering you a playing structure you will find appealing.

Low Variance Playtech Slots – Low Variance slot games are best described as very low risk slot games, and these are slots on which Playtech have put into play a playing structure and format on which a large number of winning combinations can be spun in when playing such slots.

However, it is worth noting that those winning combinations tend to be very low valued ones, but having said that if you are the type of slot players who enjoys playing slots online and having some much longer slot playing sessions then Low Variance slot games are ideal ones to play for you are going to get plenty of winning combinations spinning in when playing them and whilst the winning payouts will always end to be low valued ones, that should ensure your slot playing bankroll is not going to be eaten away very quickly.

In fact if you do enjoy playing Low Variance slot games and want to get even more play time from your slot playing budget then these slots are usually ideal ones to play when you have a Playtech casino bonus in your account.

For due to the way you are going to experience many more winning combinations spinning in when playing these types of slot you will find the play through requirements attached to those bonus offers can often be achieved when playing these types of slots due to you getting lots of your stakes back as winning payouts.

High Variance Playtech Slots – Whilst the above types of slot games offering a Low Variance type of playing session may appeal to some players, there are plenty of slot players who prefer a much more high risk, high reward type of slot playing experience when they are logged into any online casino site, and this is where Playtech’s High Variance slot games are going to be ideal slots to play.

When you first see a High Variance structured slot game on offer you will usually find that they boast a much higher base game jackpot or they will offer players a bonus game on which some very large winning payouts can be achieved.

High Variance slot games have been designed in completely the opposite way to the Low Variance slot games mentioned above, and as such when you play these types of slot you are going to find that you rarely spin in any lower valued base games winning payouts, but instead the slots can and will bang out some mega sized winning payouts.

If you find a three reel slot game for example that has been designed as a High Variance slot you will find that those slots often come with Wild Multiplier Reel Symbols, and when you spin in one or more of those symbols and they help to complete a winning combination the multiplier values are set so high that those winning payouts are massively increased in value.

There is a slight downside to playing High Variance slot games online however and that is they can and very often will eat away at your slot playing bankroll more so if you are not experiencing any winning combinations spinning in or if the slot is not awarding you any bonus games for long periods of time.

With that in mind if you are attracted to playing High Variance slots then always be aware they can be very greedy slots to play at times and you are likely to have some lengthy losing session until one of those often illusion mega paying sessions magically appear!

Medium Variance Playtech Slots – As you have just read what both Low Variance and High Variance online slot games from Playtech have to offer you by their respective playing structures you will probably now already have an idea of how the Medium Variance slot games have been designed.

A Medium Variance online slot game is one that is going to offer you plenty of winning combinations being spun in via its base games and you will find the bonus games and bonus features can and will trigger and be awarded to you at fairly regular intervals during any one online slot playing gaming session.

Whilst you will not find these types of slot games can offer you the mega sized winning payout that can and will be awarded to you from time to time when playing the High Variance slot games they will offer you some much larger winning payouts than the Low Variance slots.

If you are prepared to take a few risks when playing slot games online and want the chance of winning some reasonable amounts of cash when doing so then we would suggest that you have a good look though our slot game reviews and make a beeline to play those slots that have been designed as Medium Variance slots when you are next logged into any Playtech software powered online casino site!