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Playtech Slot Game Wild Symbols

We have compiled a large number of individual slot game reviews throughout this website, and as you are reading through each review of slot games from many different online slot game designers you are going to come across several different types of wild symbols mentioned in those reviews.

As you will possibly already know if you do enjoy playing slot games online, the Wild symbols attached to all modern day slot games have changed from all recognition from how they used to be, for at one time a wild symbol would simply stand in for other reel symbols attached to any slot game and would help you form winning combinations when it spun in alongside other matching reel symbols on one or more pay lines.

With this in mind if you have been taking a look at any of our Playtech slot game reviews, and have come across a wild symbol mentioned in those reviews that you have never heard of or seen before and wish to learn just how those wild symbols work and operate, then below we have an overview of all of the new and more standard type of slot game wild symbols that you will find attached to the reels of several different Playtech design online slot games.

Have a look through this guide for we just know that as soon as you do you will be in a much more informed position in regards to knowing how any type of Playtech slot games wild symbol is going to spring into life and help you hopefully complete multiple winning combinations when you play any slot with any of the wild symbols listed below attached to any of their reels!

Standard Wild Symbols – The most basic wild symbol that you are going to find attached to any Playtech designed slot game will see that symbol simply standing in for the majority of other reel symbols on the reels. You will often find that a standard wild symbol will not stand in for any bonus or scatter symbols in play on the reels of any slot.

Some standard wild symbols may have a set of winning payouts attached to those symbols when you form a winning combination made up of just wild symbols, whilst some slot games will have wild symbols that are only used to stand in for other reel symbols and will have no winning payouts attached to them at all.

Wild Multiplier Symbols – There are plenty of online slot games from Playtech that have something known as Wild Multipliers attached to them. These types of reel symbols will of course help you form winning combinations as those wild symbols will stand in for most of the other r eel symbols attached to a slots reels, however as soon as one or more of these types of wild symbols spin in they will also boost the value of the winning combinations that they help to form.

The value of the multiplier will be dependent on just which slot game you are playing, however it is not uncommon for a wild multiplier symbol to boost winning payouts they help to form by x2 or x3 their usual values, in fact some of these symbols can have huge multipliers attached to them!

Expanding Wild Symbols – An Expanding Wild symbol is a wild symbol that once it has been spun in on any single reel is going to expand in size upwards and downwards and will end up covering all of the visible reel positions on any one reel. Some Playtech slots only have these type of wild symbols attached to selected reels whilst some slots can have them attached to all of the reels in play on a slot and as such when playing any slot with such a set of Expanding Wild symbols in play on them you will be hoping to spin in as many of them as you possibly can do for the more reels that turn completely wild the better your chances will be of winning big!

Extra Wild Symbols – Quite a number of brand new slot games from Playtech have a set of what are known as Extra Wild symbols that can suddenly come into play on the reels. It is often the case that when you have triggered a free spins bonus round on some of the latest Playtech slot game releases that you will find a new set of reel symbols come into play during the bonus game and this is when you can often find Extra Wild symbols coming into play.

Some new slot games will give you the option of picking one or more standard reel symbols to become Extra Wild symbols for the duration of the bonus round, whilst some slots will automatically select an additional Extra Wild symbol for you, but it is always the case that any slot that has a much higher number of wild symbols in play on its reels is going to give you the maximum winning opportunities!

Cloning Wild Symbol – One brand new type of reel symbol you may come across when you start to play Playtech slots online is the Cloning Wild symbol, and this is a very unique reel symbol that is found on their Sunset Beach Slot, which is a slot on which you are playing four of the same slot games at once.

When you spin in one of the three different Cloning Wild symbols in play on the reels of this slot you will find those symbols then clone themselves onto the other slot game screens which are next in the sequence. Ideally you will want to get several of these Cloning Wild symbols spinning in on the first slot in the sequence as by doing so you will then end up with those symbols replicating and cloning themselves onto all of the other three screens, which will enable out to hopefully form lots of winning combinations when those symbols make an appearance on the reels!