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Playtech Slot Games

You are going to come across lots of different slot game designers listed throughout our website, for we have thousands of slot game reviews from companies you may have heard of before and many that you may never have heard of!

However, one company who has been designing not only a huge range of online and mobile slot games for many years now but has also been designing the actual gaming and software platforms used to house their range of slots is Playtech, and they are without a shadow of a doubt a company whose range of slots and other casino games have certainly caught the imagination of every player who has ever played them!

Not only do we have hundreds of Playtech slot game reviews dotted around this website but we have put together lots of slot playing guides and Playtech slot game news articles that we just know are going to be of interest to many online slot players, and as such please have a look through the following overviews of many of those articles and guides.

Playtech Slot Game Wild Symbols – You will find plenty of very unique slot game reel symbols attached to many Playtech slots, and as such you are best advised to take a look at this slot game playing guide, for it lists all of the many different types of wild symbols that are in play and are attached to the reels of many of their slot games.

Playtech’s Slot Game Gamble Game Option – Having spun in a winning combination on some of Playtech’s many different video slot games, you are often going to be given the option of trying to increase the value of that winning combination by playing off a playing card predicating based gamble game. There are two different gamble game options offered by Playtech and we have an overview in this slot playing guide of how those gamble games work and operate.

Unique Free Spins Awarding Slots from Playtech – There are no shortages of Playtech slots available on which you could trigger a set of free spins via their respective bonus games. In this slot playing guide we will introduce you to the many different better playing and potentially higher paying free spins bonus games found on a range of their slots, so do check it out as you will find several of their slots very appealing!

Top Paying Playtech Slot Games – The only way that you are going to have more than a sporting chance of ending any online slot game playing session in profit and get some lengthier slot playing sessions is by you tracking down and playing the slots offering the highest payout percentages. So make sure you read through this playing guide for on it you will find listed all of Playtech’s highest paying slot games by virtue of their long term expected payout percentages.

Playtech Slot Game Playing Structures – Playtech do not design slot games that all share the same type of playing structures and playing formats, for every slot they have launched will offer players different wagering and staking structures and will come with different game play features, bonus games and bonus features. In this slot playing guide we will take a look at the many different ways that Playtech have designed their online slots.

Different Playtech Slot Game Bonus Features – You will find plenty of different bonus games can and will be triggered and awarded to you when you make the very wise decision of playing any of the many different video slot games from Playtech. You will find free spins can able awarded on many of their slots as well as pick to win and pick and match bonus games plus plenty of other bonus game features you will never have come across before, and this playing guide will introduce you to all of them!

Guide to Playtech Casino Slot Bonuses – As you are going to be offered a wide range of generous new player and ongoing casino bonuses when you play at a Playtech software powered online casino site make sure you read through this guide which will explain how each type of Playtech bonus has been designed and what they can and will offer you if you make use of them and claim them!

Playtech Slot Playing Tips – To help you improve your winning chances we have put together a range of Playtech slot playing hints and tips, so do check through this section of our website as those hints and tips may help you increase your winning chances.

Playtech Slot Game Variance Explained – There are three types of variance that Playtech design their slot games around and these are low, medium and high variance slots and in this slot playing guide we take a look at some slots offering each type of variance.

Brand New Playtech Slots – Playtech can always be relied on to launch and release a large number of brand new slot games each year, and in this slot playing guide we are going to take a look at all of the most recent brand new slot games launched by Playtech.

Unique Slot Games from Playtech – It is going to often pay dividends for you to play some of the more unique slot games from Playtech, for by doing so you will come across all manner of slots offering never seen before playing structures and bonus features, and this guide will showcase to you some slot games we just know you are going to enjoy playing.

Playtech Progressive Slot Games – The chance of winning a life changing jackpot payout when playing Playtech slots is always a very real possibility, however you will have to know which slots from this leading game designer have the largest progressives jackpots on offer and this playing guide will introduce you to all of them!

Playtech Classic Slot Games – If you prefer playing slot games at a more sedate pace, or are seeking slots offering a very basic type of playing structure then this playing guide will introduce you to all of Playtech’s Classic slot games.

Most Played Playtech Slot Games – In this slot playing guide we are going to introduce you to Playtech’s most popular and most played slot games and explain why players cannot get enough of those slots!

Playtech Mobile Slot Games – Playtech have also released many of their online slot games as mobile slots, and in this playing guide we shall introduce you to which slots you can now access and play on Tablet devices and all types of Smart Phones.