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Playtech Slot Playing Tips

We want you to have as much fun and winning opportunities as you can when you are playing Playtech Slots online and as we have had many years of experience playing their range of slots we would like to pass onto you a range of different slot playing tips which you may or may not find useful in your quest to increase your winning chances!

The most important aspect of playing slot games from any casino game designer is that they will all have been designed as completely random slot games, and that does of course mean that you are never really going to know when you will next have a successful slot playing session and one that allows you to cash out a large amount of winnings.

However, even completely random slot games can be played in such a way that you increase your winning chances, and as such if you do enjoy playing Playtech slot games online, and find that you tend to play them more and more, but often you do not have as many winning sessions as you had hoped for, then have a look through the following overview of our Playtech slot playing tips as you may find some of them very useful!

Choosing which Slots to Play – The first thing you should be looking for when playing any of the hundreds of different Playtech designed slot games is to select their highest paying ones, this does not necessarily mean you should start playing the progressive slots which have the biggest current jackpots displayed on their jackpot meter!

If you take a look at their Multi Spins slots of which they have several of them on offer you are going to find slots on which you are going to get over 99% of your stakes returned over the long term as winning payouts. Some of their range of slots come with RTP’s as low as 92% and those are the ones you need to avoid playing!

Slots you should therefore play to massively increase your winning chances are slots such as the Ugga Bugga slot, the Oceans Princess slot and their Goblin’s Cave slot as each of those slots have payout percentages of over 99%.

Making Use of Bonuses – Accepting a casinos bonus offers is going to be a double edged sword, for whilst the bonus credits you will be able to claim may give you plenty of additional playtime, it is always worth remembering that before you ever get into a position where you can cash out any winnings that you have been lucky enough to accumulate when playing with bonus credits in your casino account you will have to exceed the play through requirements attached to those bonuses.

With this in mind our slot playing tip for you in regards to claiming a casino bonus is to only ever accept them if the play through requirements are lower than 30 times your bonus amount, anything over 30 times your bonus amount represents poor value and any bonus on which you also have to play through your deposited amount on top of the bonus amount will reduce your winning chances. Also always try and claim bonuses that have been designed to give you bonus of at the very least 100% of your deposited amount!

Stakes and Pay lines – It is worth noting that in regards to the actual number of paylines that you put into play per spin on any slot game you are playing, some Playtech slots will offer an increased RTP if you put into play any additional bonus type bet when you are playing them.

One such slot is the Dolphin Cash Slot game, when playing this slot if you choose to place the additional bonus bet known as the Xtra Win bet option you will get an increased long term expected payout percentage, and as such playing any slot offering such an increased RTP is going to call for you to always place that bonus bet to get much winning spins per session and more of your stakes returned as winning payouts!

Bonus Game Awarding Slots – Keep in mind that there is going to be one of several different ways that a bonus game awarding video slot game is going to award you with its respective bonus feature round, and you need to first and foremost discover just how the bonus game is awarded to you on any slot or slot you are thinking of playing.

If the slot you have chosen to play offers a bonus game which is triggered by you having to spin in a set of bonus symbols which must line up on activated pay lines, then you will be massively reducing your chances of triggering that bonus game feature round if you put into play fewer than the maximum number of paylines than the slot has on offer.

On the other hand however if you choose to play a slot on which the bonus game is triggered and awarded via a set of scatter symbols, then it doesn’t matter how many paylines you put into play you are going to have the exact same chance of being awarded the bonus game on that slot no matter how many paylines you put into play!

Playing Progressive Slot Games – One final Playtech slot playing tip we would like to pass onto you is in regards to playing any of their slots on which one or more progressive jackpots are on offer. If you do enjoy playing these types of slots then you will need to discover when on average each progressive jackpot is won.

By finding out the average jackpot payout amounts won by players, then you simply need to locate any of their progressive slots which have a jackpot currently larger than their usual average payout amounts and play those slots. You will find an overdue progressive jackpot is much more likely to be won than a progressive jackpot that is lower in value than the amount when it is usually won!