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Playtech Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages

If you have been reading through our guide on Online Slot Game Payout Percentages you will have discovered how the payout percentage attached to any slot game you play affects your entertainment and winning chances.

In this guide we are going to take a look at all of Playtech’s currently available slot games and list them in order. Starting with the highest paying slots by virtue of their respective payout percentages and working our way down to the lowest paying slots.

As there are of course so many Playtech slot games available, we have split these guides up to allow you to locate the types of slots you enjoy playing and find out the best and worst paying games from each category.

Playtech Classic Slot Game Payout Percentages

Jungle Boogie – The highest paying three reel classic slot game found in the suite of games on offer by Playtech is their Jungle Boogie slot, when playing this slot game on which a 4000 coin jackpot can be won the RTP has been set at a very high 97.40%

Alchemist’s Lab – Another very high paying classic slot from Playtech is the Alchemist’s Lab slot game, this has an expected payout percentage of a high 97.32% and when playing it you could win a huge 10,000 coin jackpot.

Sultan’s Fortune – If you choose to play the Sultan’s Fortune slot and are playing maximum bet spins which will cost you 2 coins per spin you could win a 10000 coin jackpot. This would be a great slot to consider playing thanks to its payout percentage being set high at 97.26%.

Crazy 7 –Should you be looking for a very low variance Playtech slot game to play then make sure one slot you do play is the Crazy 7 slot. This slot in another high paying slot on which you will find a long term expected payout percentage of 97.21%.

Neptune’s Kingdom – You can play from one to five paylines on any spin of the Neptune’s Kingdoms reels you play off, and when playing this slot game you will get lots of your stakes returned as winning payouts. This is due to its RTP being set at a high 97.19%.

Safecracker – The main attraction of the Safe Cracker slot game is that out could end up winning a very large progressive jackpot when playing it. If progressive jackpot paying slots are the type of games you wish to play then make sure you give this slot some play time as its payout percentage is 97.06%.

Reel Classic 5 – The Reel Classic 5 slot games is a three reel slot on which you can choose to activate one to five different paylines. When playing this slot with all five lines in play, over your long term play you will find it pays out to an RTP of 97.05%

Funky Monkey – You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing Playtech slot games online. Another three reel slot on which a fairly high 2500 coin jackpot could be won is the Funky Monkey slot. This slot boasts a certified payout percentage of a high 96.94%.

8-Ball Pokies – This slot is one on which you can play one or two coins per spin, by playing two coins a 2000 coin jackpot can be won. The payout percentage this game plays out to is 96.86%.

Rock ‘n’ Roller – The payout percentages on the Rock n Roller slot game and all of those listed below may not be as high as those RTP’s on offer on the above slots. However, they are still high payout percentages, and this slot game has a long term expected RTP of some 96.84%.

Tres Amigos – If you choose to play the Tres Amigo three reel slot form Playtech do try and play it with two coins in play per spin. By doing so the jackpot payout is enhanced in value up to an impressive 2500 coins. This slot games RTP is above average working out at 96.83%.

Fountain of Youth – Another fast playing slot game on which a higher than average payout percentage is in play is the low variance Fountain of Youth slot. This slot games payout percentage has been verified as being 96.81%.

Party Line – You are going to have hours of fun playing any of the listed three reel classic slots from Playtech, and one that may put you in a party mood is their Party Line slot game. The Party Line slots RTP is high at some 96.74%.

Bermuda Triangle – The jackpot on offer on the Bermuda Triangle slot game may not be overly high in value at just 1000 coins, but you will get plenty of action from your gambling budget thanks to its high payout percentage of 96.73%. So do track this slot down and give it some play time soon as that jackpot is always there for the taking!

Haunted House – As you have been reading the payout percentages on all of Playtech three reel classic slot games have been set very high. In fact they are way higher than most other slot games designer’s slots in regards to their long term expected RTP’s. Another slot game worth playing is the Haunted House slot on which you will find a long term payout percentage of 96.71% is on offer.

Magic Slots – The Magic slots game is another three reeled classic slot, however this one could see you triggering a bonus game as you are playing the base game. Not many Playtech 3 reel slots offer any form of bonus game, but sadly this slots RTP is not as high as most others being published as being 95.12%

Reel Classic 3 – The last three reel slot game from Playtech we are going to introduce you to is the Reel Classic slot game. This slot game has two certified payout percentages. If you choose to play it with the maximum number of coins wagered per spin you will be getting a long term payout percentage of 94.80%. But playing fewer than the maximum permitted coins per spin drops that payout percentage down to a much less appealing 92.76%!

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