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Playtech’s Slot Game Gamble Game Option

When you make the very wise decision of playing Playtech designed slot games online, you are going to find that quite a number of them will offer you the ability of taking a completely optional bonus gamble game once you have spun in a winning combination on the base game screen.

This is going to be your chance of being able to increase the value of those spun in winning combinations by taking part and playing off a very easy to play bonus gamble game. You simply need to click on the Gamble button to play off the gamble game, and once clicked the gamble game screen will load onto your screen.

You will then see a set of three buttons displayed on the gamble game screen and you are tasked with either clicking on the Gamble Half button and by clicking on that button half of your initial base game winning payout will be credited to your casino account and you will then be gambling the other half via the gamble game option.

Another button is the Gamble All button, when you click on that button the entire amount you won on the base game will be put at risk via the gamble game. One final option is the Collect button and clicking on that button will see the bonus game screen reverting back to the base game and all of your winnings achieved via the base game and any subsequent winning gamble game you played off will be credited to your casino account balance.

If you have opted to take the gamble game and have chosen to gamble all or half of your winnings then a set of five playing cards will then be dealt out to you across that bonus screen, and the first card in the sequence will be dealt out face up  with the remaining four obviously being dealt face down.

You are then tasked with selecting just one of those face down playing cards in the hope that when it is flipped over and revealed to you it is a higher valued card than the first one in the sequence, if it is then your total gamble amount is doubled, however if you guess incorrectly then you will have lost all of the cash you put at risk via the gamble game!

You can continue to take the gamble game option once a winning outcome has been achieved until you reach the gamble limit amount offered on the slot you are playing, when you do all winnings achieved up until that point in time will be automatically collected and added to your casino account balance.

Which Playtech Slots Offer the Gamble Game Option?

There are numerous Playtech designed online slot games which offer you the ability of gambling any spun in base game winning combinations, however below we have highlighted several of them which we think you are going to enjoy playing.

The following Playtech slots boast their own unique playing structures and when playing any of them you will not only be given the option of playing off the gamble game but you could also trigger one or more additional bonus feature rounds, so these slots are very entertaining slots to play and slots on which some very sizable amounts of cash can be won.

World Cup Footballs Stars 2014 – You will find this slot game is a highly entertaining one for it comes with a free spins bonus game along with an additional pick to win bonus round both of which you can trigger when playing off any single base game spin. It is something of a high paying one thanks to both its high 94.20% payout percentage and its base game jackpot worth some 5000 coins and whenever a winning combination has been spun in you can opt to take the gamble game to try and increase that winning combinations value.

Esmeralda – If you are looking for a Playtech slot game to play on which you could win a huge valued progressive jackpot and are also seeking out a slot that will give you the ability to take a gamble game option whenever a winning combination has been spun in, then make sure you checkout our review of the Esmeralda slot game, as that slot has all of those things available along with a special bonus game on which a huge amount of free spins can be awarded to you!

Gladiator Slot – Playtech have a 25 payline slot game that goes by the name of the Gladiator slot, and this is another of their many differently structured slot games which boasts a double or nothing type of gamble game, and as such if you are looking for a fast playing slot but one of which you could in addition to opting to take the gamble game, spin in  a set of scatter symbols that will see you playing off a pick to win bonus game to amass a set of free spins and their associated multiplier values then this is one to consider playing online!

Playtech’s Red or Blackjack Slot Game Gamble Game

There is another type of gamble game that you are going to find attached to some Playtech slot games in addition to the one mentioned above, and this additional gamble game option will see players instead of having to select a card that is higher than the initial one dealt out, select whether they think the next playing card dealt out will be a Black or Red coloured card.

One slot game from Playtech which has the Red or Blackjack gamble game option is the Mr Cashback slot game, which is a very uniquely structured slot on which you are going to get paid a winning payout if you do not spin in a winning combination on any one of your activated paylines in a certain number of base game spins!

So if you are looking for a uniquely structured slot and one offering a more unique type of base game and gamble game option, then make sure you pencil in some time to play this slot online!