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Slot Game Hold Feature Explained

When you are playing some online slot games you are going to come across a rather unusual feature known as the Hold Feature. As you may have never have come across this type of base game bonus feature before, then we invite you to have a read through of this slot game playing guide, as it will enlighten you on how it works and the optimal way you should use it!

There are in fact two different types of Hold Feature that you are going to come across when playing online slot games. One will be found on Fruit Machines and the other is found on Playtech’s Multi Spin Slots.

With this in mind we have split up this guide into two different sections below, and the first will enlighten you on how the Hold Feature found on the Playtech slot games work and operate. The second will enlighten you on how to use the Hold Feature offered on the UK styled Fruit Machine slot games which many online casino sites are beginning to make available to their players.

Multi Spin Slot Game Hold Feature

Should you be logged into a Playtech software powered casino site, one category of slot game that is going to offer you something of a very unique Hold Feature is their range of Multi Spin slots! In fact those slots are going to be worth taking a much closer look at as they are Playtech’s highest paying slot games which boast some very attractive payout percentages!

When playing these slot games you are not playing just one single slot game you are playing several slots all at the same time. However, the slots are all the same type and are simple to play three reel slots.

However, the way in which these slot games are structured is that when you have chosen a stake level at which to play them for you are then faced with playing a two part spin. On the first spin just one set of reels, of which there can be up to ten of them in play depending on which Multi Spin slot you choose to play are sent spinning.

Once those reels have come to a complete stop you are then faced with the option of holding any or all of the reels into position. By clicking on any of the hold buttons underneath each of the three reels that reel will be locked into place.

Also the reel symbol or symbols you have locked into place will then be transposed onto every other reel set in view oven the screen. By clicking on the spin button one final time the un-held reels are then sent spinning and you will be hoping on one of more of the reel sets a winning combination then is spun in.

If you have spun in a matching set of reel symbols on that initial base game spin, then you do of course need to hold all of the reel symbols that have formed that winning combination. By doing so that winning combination is transposed onto every other reel set in play on the slot games screen and you will be awarded that winning combination on each of the reels!

We have fully reviewed each of the Multi Spin slots form Playtech, so make sure you check those reviews out for by doing so you will discover just how high their respective RTP’s are!

Fruit Machine Hold Features

You will find an unusual set of slot games offered in some online casinos. If you are a UK based slot player then you will probably be more than familiar with how Fruit Machines or AWP’s as they are also known work, play and operate.

However, when you have never played these types of slot games before, they can often cause much confusion to players, due to their many different bonus games and bonus features. It is often the case that a Fruit Machine is going to offer you dozens of different bonus games which can be triggered at various times when you are playing them.

In fact all Fruit Machines due to their design have been put together in such a way that their respective bonus games and bonus features will trigger very frequently, often several times during one single spin played off!

One type of bonus game feature you will find attached to Fruit Machine games is the Hold Feature. This is actually a bonus feature that is awarded to you before you send the reels spinning, and is a way of you locking into place any of the reels before you send the remaining ones spinning.

Underneath each of the three reels on a Fruit Machine you will see three buttons, and when the Hold Feature is on offer those buttons will flash. You will then be able to click onto any of those buttons and by doing so those reels will be locked into position when you click on the spin button.

The major benefit of using the Hold Feature when it is offer is that of you previously spun in a winning combination then if the hold feature is offered you can then lock that winning combination in place for the next game you play off. That will of course see you then getting paid the winnings from that winning combination again.

You will also find some Fruit Machines offer a bonus game which is triggered by spinning in a series of number of a bonus trail or bonus ladder type animation. You will find it is often the case that you are able to trigger that bonus game by utilizing the Hold Feature by holding into position any numbers superimposed on reel symbols spun in.

Fruit Machine players will also use the Hold Feature when offered to lock into position any two high valued reel symbols, in the hope that as soon as they click on the spin button the third missing reel symbol then gets spun in.