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Slots Offering a Pick to Win Based Free Spins Round

With slot players always being prepared to try out new slot games they have never seen or played before, we have compiled a wide range of slot playing guides which make up our Complete Guide to Free Spin Bonus Games guides.

Should you enjoy playing slots offering multiple different payline options, lots of different stake options, but much more importantly slots on which you can be awarded with free spins, then you will find plenty of them listed throughout those slot playing guides.

In this guide we are going to introduce you to a range of video slots, all of which boast different base game bonus structures, but slots that all share a similar type of bonus game. When you trigger any of the following slot games bonus rounds, you will be initially faced with playing a pick to win based round on which you will be awarded with a different number of free spins.

In fact as you play off the pick to win bonus games on any of the following slots, you will not only be revealing additional free spins to play off, you can often uncover multiple values during the bonus games. Those multipliers are all added together and will then be the ones that are in play as you finally get to play off your accumulated number of free spins.

Should you like the sound of any of the following slot games, by following the links below we will give you access to our individual slot game reviews. Those reviews will give you additional information on each slot including the jackpots on offer and the long term payout percentage each of them have been set to payout.

Prime Property Slot – There are not that many 40 payline slots on offer online, however one that does boast 40 optional paylines and one on which a pick to win based free spins bonus round can be triggered on is the Prime Property slot.

This slot boasts a set of Newspaper themed scatter symbols, and by spinning in three of them you are awarded with one free spin with just a small valued x1 multiplier. Four scatters initially awards you with 2 free spins on x2 multipliers. All five scatter symbols spinning in, one on each of its five video reels awards you with 3 free spins on x3 multipliers.

Once you have spun in at least three scatter symbols then you are able to play off a picking game on which a grid is displayed on the bonus screen. You have to then pick off one position on that grid and by doing so you will reveal one of three things.

You could reveal at any time a Start Free Spins message and once that is revealed any accumulated free spins and the multiplier values will then start to play off. However, you will also be able to reveal additional free spins and additional multiplier values.

In total if you pick off every single free spin and multiplier value off that bonus grid you will then get to play off 40 free spins on x8 multipliers! The best tip for playing this slot is to play all of its paylines to get the maximum winning chances as soon as its free spins bonus round is awarded to you.

Moonshine Slot – If you like the way the above game offers its free spins round, but wish to play a slot which has a lower number of optional paylines then the Moonshine slot will be a great one to play.

This is one of Microgaming’s 25 payline slots, and as such unlike the above slot game it will cost you a lower stake to be able to put into play all of its optional pay lines, on each base game spin you choose to play off.

The way in which the free spins are awarded is similar to the above slot. By spinning in three scatter symbols which are the Moonshine Bottle scatter symbols, you are initially awarded with 3 free spins on a low valued x1 multiplier.

If you have spun in four of the Moonshine bottle scatter symbols in any position on the base game screen you are initially awarded with 4 free spins which also have attached to them x1 multipliers. The number of free spins you are initially awarded with when you spin in all five scatter symbols in view is 5 of them and the multiplier values are once again worth x1.

However, once the scatter symbols have spun in to trigger the bonus game you then get to pick off locations on the bonus screen grid, and will be able to reveal additional free spins, additional multipliers or the Start Free Spins message.

In total when you are playing off that pick to win bonus game you could end up with 18 free spins on multiplier values worth x4. The free spins bonus game cannot be re-triggered as it is playing off. This game offers a jackpot worth 8000 coins per coin per payline activated. So spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination during the bonus game on x4 multipliers will see that jackpot becoming a much larger 32,000 coins.

Dragon’s Loot Slot – You will have to play off a unique type of pick to win bonus game when you play the Dragon’s Loot slot game and three or more of its scatter symbols spin in. As soon as you have selected the icon off the bonus game screen it will then reveal to you a set number of free spins and a multiplier value.

What makes this slot game highly playable is that you could uncover 75 free spins on which the multiplier values can be as high as x8 during that picking round. As such you will always find that picking game exciting and will of course be hoping to get the maximum number of free spins with the highest multiplier attached to them!