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The Complete Guide to Free Spin Bonus Games

Here at the Casino Slots website we want you to have access to a very wide range of facts, figures and information that will help you select the very best online slot games to play. We have therefore compiled a series of slot game guides that will enable you to find, locate and then play a slot offering you the exact type of bonus games you are seeking.

Whilst slot games can award pick to win bonus games, wheel spinning based bonus games and pick and match bonus rounds, it is always the free spins awarding slots that get the most attention from players. With this in mind below you will find an overview of several information packed slot playing guides that are dedicated to those types of online slot games.

Should any of the following slot playing guides be of interest to you then we invite you to checkout that respective guide. Simply follow the links below to view the corresponding guide. Be aware that within each guide you will find information on a range of online slot games, and each slot mentioned will have its own additional in-depth review within this website. That will allow you to compare what each slot offers and make a much more informed decision on just which ones to play.

Which Slots Award the Highest Number of Free Spins? – Some of the most popular slot games you will find offered at various different online casino sites are those on which a huge number of free spins can be awarded to you.

There are several things you need to keep in mind however when playing any video slot that could award you will a massive number of free spins, one of them is the actual multiplier values attached to those free spins may be very low valued ones.

However, when you want to have a fully rounded slot playing session and the excitement and entertainment offered via a free spins bonus game feature round, there are several slots offering you the ability of being awarded a very large number of free spins.

If you do fancy testing out some of these types of slot games then do checkout this slot playing guide, as there are several slots offering a truly massive number of free spins.

Slots Offering a Pick to Win Based Free Spins Round – If you are looking for a slightly more exciting type of slot game to play then consider playing the video slots that force you to play off a pick to win bonus game to determine how many free spins you then get to play off.

These types of slots can often be slightly annoying, for you may be awarded their respective picking game only for you to reveal a very low number of free spins. However, there are several slots which with a little bit of luck could see you being awarded a large number of free spins via the picking games on which some large multiplier values can also be revealed and awarded to you.

Free Spin Slot Games with the Highest Valued Multiplier – There will never be any guarantees that you are going to spin in any high valued winning combinations once a free spins bonus game has been awarded to you.

With this in mind one way of guaranteeing that any winning combinations formed during a bonus free spins round are going to be as high valued as possible is to play those slots which offer the highest bonus game multiplier values.

We have several of these types of slots to introduce you to, so make sure you take a good long look through this particular slot game playing guide, to discover which slots do offer the very highest valued free spins multiplier values.

Which Slots Let You Pick Your Own Free Spins? – Some video slot games which award free spins based bonus games, will, when the bonus games have been triggered, let you pick how many free spins you can then play off.

Some of the older online video slots will offer a low, mid or high number of free spins on which a different multiplier value will be in play. However, some of the more modern online video slots will let you pick a set number of free spins but as those free spins are playing off all manner of different and unique additional bonus features can kick in.

You do need to play these slot games with some form of strategy in place however. For as there will be no guarantees you will win big when selecting any of the free spins bonus games offered, you have to take the rough with the smooth. For even when selecting a set of free spins with a low multiplier value some fairly substantial high paying free spins rounds can be played off.

Slots that Re-Trigger their Free Spins Frequently – There are two main things that you will want to happen when you have finally triggered an online slot games free spins bonus round. Firstly you will of course want to see lots of high valued winning combinations spinning in, and secondly you will want the free spins round to re-trigger as those free spins are being played off.

You will find that several slot games will tend to re-trigger their respective free spins bonus round much more often that other slots, and in this slot playing guide we will enlighten you as to which slots they are.

Top Tips for Playing Free Spins Awarding Slot Games – Another slot playing guide which may be of inertest to you is our top tips for playing free spins awarding slot games guide. We invite you to check this guide out for it will enlighten you on several different ways these types of slots should be played.

No matter what type of free spins awarding slot game you want to play there are certainly no shortage of them available online. So please do have a good look around this website as we can guarantee you are going to find several slot games we have reviewed that will tick all of the right boxes in regards to the type of slots you are looking to play online.