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Top Tips for Playing Free Spins Awarding Slot Games

As part of our large range of guides that make up our Complete Guide to Free Spin Bonus Games, the following one is going to introduce you to a range of different ways that you can play those types of slot games optimally.

You will often find any online video slot game which awards you with a free spins bonus game can offer you a very exciting slot playing session, but more so when those bonus games are being triggered.

Have a read through each of the following slot playing tips, for whilst some of them may be obvious, you really do need to be playing those types of slots in a way that ensures you get the best winning opportunities. Please do be aware that all of the online gaming platforms listed throughout this website, and the slot games accessible on those gaming platforms have been certified as being 100% random.

With that in mind if you do wish to put any of the following free spins awarding slot game playing tips to the test then stick to playing at casinos offering the slot games listed through this casino. By doing so you will never be risking playing any slot game that is not giving you a completely random playing structure, and more importantly will be playing slots that play and pay exactly as they have been designed to do!

Multi Pick Free Spins – When you are playing some free spins bonus game awarding slot games you will find when the bonus games have been triggered you are given multiple options in regards to how you then get to play off your free spins.

You will find most slots offering you the ability to pick your own number of free spins will offer either a large number of free spins on a low multiplier, or a low number of free spins on a high multiplier play. Plus you will often find you can play off a mid ranged number of free spins on a midsized multiplier value.

The best option to pick will be the one offering you the type of variance you are seeking. If you want to play off a low risk set of free spins then opt for the highest number of free spins. However, if you are prepared to play in a high risk way, but one that could see you picking up some high valued winning payouts via the bonus game, then select the lowest number of free spins with the highest valued multipliers attached.

How Many Paylines to Play – As most free spins bonus games are triggered by spinning in a series of scatter symbols, then it doesn’t matter how many paylines you activate on the initial base game spins. For your chances of being awarded the free spins bonus round by spinning in a set of scatter symbols will be the same irrespective of the number of payline activated.

However, the vast majority of online slot games will, when you have been awarded their respective bonus games, play off those free spins with the same number of paylines and stakes in play as on the base game spin that triggered them.

With that in mind, you are always best advised to put into play every single payline offered on a video slot game that awards a free spins bonus round. For by doing so when the free spins bonus game is triggered you will have the maximum winning opportunities offered via that bonus game, and will never miss out on any spun in winning combinations.

Playing fewer that the maximum number of paylines could see a high valued winning combinations spinning in on an un-activated payline. When that happens, and it will do from time to time, you will not be awarded with those high valued winning payouts associated with those matching reel symbols!

Gaps Between Bonus Rounds – You will need to be aware that each slot game offering free spins will award their respective games eventually! However, the number of bonus game awarding reel symbols can and will vary from slot to slot as will the length of each reel strip.

This means that every single slot that offers a free spins bonus game will have an average number of base game spins that need to be played off before the bonus games trigger. This mean you should be prepared to play off a large number of base game spins before the bonus games will trigger.

Many Microgaming deigned slot games will, on average, trigger their bonus games within 100 to 150 base game spins. With that in mind always split your gaming bankroll up into small unit stakes, on which you will be guaranteed of getting around 100 to 10 base game spins from that bankroll.

By doing so you will always have a fair and reasonable chance of being awarded at least one free spins bonus game per session played. However, as all online slots are random you could be lucky enough to experience several free spins rounds triggering in fairly quick succession.

Myths Surrounding Free Spin Slots – One final aspect of playing slot games online, is that you will often come across all manner of myths surrounding the way they lay, work and operate at various different message boards and websites.

One common misconception when playing free spins awarding slot games is that if you get a low paying free spins round then the next one that triggers will be a high paying one! This is never the case for you could experience several low paying free spins rounds or several consecutive high paying ones!

So do not continue playing a slot game online if you have just triggered a low paying bonus game, in the mistaken belief that the next one you trigger will be a high paying one! If you do you may be slightly annoyed if another low paying one follows a previously played off low paying bonus game!