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What are the Best High Variance Online Slots?

High variance slot games are not to be played if you are the type of slot player who is averse to risk! For these types of slots are the most high risk slots you can play online, however if you are prepared to take risks when playing slots online the rewards can often be there for the taking!

As opposed to low and medium variance slots games when you choose to play high variance slots online the design of those slots are such that you will spin in a lower number of winning combinations when playing them. This allows for the slot to every now and then award you with either a mega sized winning payout or a very large paying bonus type feature round.

It is often the case the high variance slots will boast some form of high valued wild multiplier symbol or a multiplier value that can massively increase the value of any winning combinations that spin in during the free spins bonus game, or they will have in place a huge base game jackpot payout, or even a mix of all three of those things!

If you do fancy playing some high variance slot games online then all of those slots listed below will offer you such a playing format and playing structure, just play them sensibly if you do decide to give them a whirl!

Supe it Up Slot – There are 25 optional paylines that you can send into play on Microgaming’s Supe it Up Slot game and when playing this slot you will find it has been designed with a high variance type of playing structure. You can spin in via the base game a jackpot payout worth some 2000 coins per single coin wagered on each payline per spin.

However, when you trigger the bonus game which is a set of free spins the number of which are determined by how many scatter symbols you have spun in, some very large multipliers come into play as those free spins are playing off.

Break Da Bank Again Slot – You are going to find the Break Da Bank slot game is a very high variance slot game on which a special set of wild symbols are in play. This is one of Microgaming’s 9 payline slots and when playing it any base game spin that results in a wild symbol helping to form a winning combination will see those winning payouts boosted by five times their normal payout values.

However, during the free spins bonus game any wild combination that helps form any winning combinations will boost those payouts value by a massive twenty five times their normal payout amounts!

Couch Potato Slot – If you like the sound of those high valued multiplier symbols attached to the above slot game, but fancy playing a slot with just one single payline that has some similar valued multipliers in play then make sure you give the Couch Potato slot game a little play time.

When playing this slot on which up to three coins per spin can be wagered on its one single payline, should one of the wild multiplier symbols help to complete a winning combination that symbol boosts the value of that payout by 5 times its normal payout value.

However, when you get two wild multiplier symbols spinning in on the payline alongside any other reel symbol those two symbols are accumulative and as such all winning combinations formed are boosted in value by 25 times their pay table listed amounts, so some huge winning payouts can and are won regularly on this slot game!