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What Slot Games Have Enhanced Max Bet Jackpots?

If you are prepared to play online slot games for high stake amounts and you are the type of player who has no problems clicking on the max bet button attached to any slot game you do play, then we think the following slot game playing guide is going to be of interest to you.

For listed below you are going to find a range of slot games all of which can be played online, and when you play any of these slot games with maximum bet stakes in place you are going to find an enhanced jackpot payout becomes in play on the slot games pay table.

This means that by playing the following slots for the maximum number of coins per spin you will always be guaranteed to getting the maximum winning chances, and over time you will be getting as close to that slot games long term expected payout percentage as is possible.

7 Oceans Slot – This is one of Microgaming’s classic slot games on which you can play one, two or three coins per spin of its three reels. However, there are a set of both red and blue 7 reel symbols in play on the reels and by playing for three coins spins those reel symbols respective winning combinations become activated on the pay table.

If you play this slot game with one or two coins per spin then you will never be able to get paid a winning payout if any of the 7 symbols form a winning combination on the payline. As the payouts associated with those reel symbols include a 1000 coin and a 4000 coin payout you really should be only playing this slot with maximum bet spins in play!

High 5 Slot – Microgaming have a classic slot game that goes by the name of the High 5 slot available in their downloadable gaming platform, and this is another slot game that you need to play with maximum bet spins in play on every single spin you send into live play.

The pay table has been designed in such a way that one and two coin players stand to win a maximum jackpot payout per spin of 2000 coins and 5000 coins respectively, however when you play all three coins on its one single payline the jackpot you could win has been massively enhanced to 15,000 coins. Plus when playing this slot game with three coins spins its long term expected payout percentage is a massive 97.43%!

Jack in the Box Slot – If you are looking for a three reel slot game to play but do not wish to have to keep on playing three coins per spin to take advantage of an enhanced jackpot payout, then one slot game worth playing when you are logged into a Microgaming powered casino site is the Jack in the Box slot game.

You will find you can play this slot with one or two coins in play on its one single payline per spin and playing one coin spins will see you having the chance of winning a 2000 coins jackpot, however by playing 2 coins spins that jackpot is doubled along with an enhanced 1000 coins added to it so in total when playing two coins spins you could win a jackpot payout worth some 5000 coins in total!

Wheel of Wealth Slot – One final slot game worth playing with maximum coins in play is the Wheel of Wealth slot game from Microgaming. This slot game offers a jackpot of 1000 coins, 2000 coins and 5000 coins when playing one, two and three coin spins respectively so the base game jackpot is enhanced, however when playing three coin spins by spinning in a bonus Spin symbol on reel number three on the payline you then get to play off a wheel spinning based bonus round which is not available to players playing this slot with one or two coin spins in play!