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Which Slots Award the Highest Number of Free Spins?

Do you enjoy playing slot games on which a free spins bonus feature round can be awarded to you? If so you are going to find this slot playing guide of interest, for below we are going to introduce you to the online slots on which you could be awarded with the highest number of free spins.

This slot playing guide is one of several that make up our Complete Guide to Free Spin Bonus Games, and as those other guides within that series of guides are likely to be of interest to you we invite you to check them out!

We have included in the following listing a range of different slot games from several different slot game designers. For this will allow you to pick a slot being offered at one of several different online casino sites, and also via a gaming platform that you may enjoy utilizing.

It is also worth us pointing out that you will be able to sample the delights of playing any of the following slot games for free or for real money at any online casino offering these slots. That will enable you to play them online, but at no risk, to see if their unique designs, themes and playing structures are to your liking.

Please do make a note of how the free spins are awarded on each slot games, as they may vary. Each slot you will find listed below has also been fully reviewed by us, and by following the links you will find a plethora of other interesting facts and figures on each of them.

Gladiator Slot – There are several online slot games that go by the name of the Gladiator slot. However, if you are playing at a Microgaming powered online casino site, then you will find their 50 payline Gladiator slot will be one worth playing if you want to trigger a huge number of free spins.

The way in which the free spins are awarded on this slot game is straight forward enough. You simply have to spin in three of the scatter symbols. Once you have three of those symbols in view on the babe game screen you will then instantly be awarded with 100 free spins.

It is worth noting those free spins will play off with no multiplier values in play, and they cannot re-trigger. However if you are playing 50 payline base game spins you will then have fifty individual chances of forming a winning combination on every single one of those free spins!

Zeus Slot – There are several Zeus themed slot games which make up the series of slots found in online casino using the IGT Interactive suite of casino games. The original Mark I version of this slot can award you will up to 100 free spins.

You need to spin in all five scatter symbols when playing off one single base game spin to be awarded with 100 free spins, so to be perfectly honest that is quite a rare event. However, spinning in just three or four scatter symbols via the base game will see you being awarded with 10 and 25 free spins respectively, so even if you don’t get all five scatter spinning in you will still get a fair chance of winning big!

Kronos Slot – Another IGT Interactive designed online slot game that is going to award you with a whopping 100 free spins when you spin in all five scatter symbols is the Kronos slot. This slot, much like the one above offers a different number of free spins based on just how many scatter symbols you have spun in on the base game screen.

It is fair to say you will experience more 3 scatter symbol bonus game awarding free spins rounds than four of view scatter game awarding combinations spinning in! However, there is always the chance of you managing to spin in all five scatter symbols, and when you do those 100 free spins will then get to play off instantly.

Lotto Madness Slot – The Playtech designed Lotto Madness slot game is one on which a wheel spinning based bonus game can be triggered when three or more of the scatter symbols spin in. However, unlike most other wheel spinning bonus feature rounds, when this slot awards its bonus game to you instead of being able to win cash prizes via that bonus round, a set of free spins will be awarded to you once you have spun the wheel.

The wheel is divided up into 36 segments and each segment has a different number of free spins and a multiplier value displayed inside it. Whichever segment of the wheel is spun in opposite the win arrow will see you then being awarded with the number of free spins and the multiplier value displayed in that segment.

The highest number of free spins that wheel spinning based bonus game can award you with is 20. However, the multiplier value attached to those free spins is x10! So this may be a slot to play if you are looking for a very exciting slot to play.

Cleopatra Slot – One final slot game which could see you playing of a massive number of free spins when you manage to triggers its bonus game is the Cleopatra slot. You need to spin in three or more of its scatter symbols to be awarded with just an initial set of 5 free spins.

However, as the free spins are playing off a new set of reel strips come into play and it is much easier to spin in the scatter symbols during the free spins round. Another set of three or more of the scatter symbols awards another set of 5 free spins and it is possible to be awarded via the bonus game a total of 255 free spins in total. Obviously the free spins need to keep on re-triggering, but that is easier to achieve than you may think!