Big Top Tombola Slots

Big-Top-TombolaIn Big Top Tombola, IGT has created a game with a circus theme, which for most people should be a pleasant memory. It’s one of the more popular ways of unwinding and experiencing something new, or at least it was that in the past, before the Internet and television became so widespread. Circuses are still around today, and for those of you that aren’t afraid of clowns, I suggest you give them a try next time they’re in town. From elephants doing tricks, to strong men, clowns and lions jumping through rings of fire, Big Top Tombola has many of the things that you will find fascinating about the circus.

There aren’t a lot of things to be impressed about in this 5 reel game with 20 lines, especially since its prizes go only up to $10,000, while the features consist of wild symbols and a bonus feature. It does have a progressive jackpot though, and that might just prove to be enough to attract the circus loving players.

Features of Big Top Tombola

There are two things you can expect from the game, a bonus feature and a wild, which doesn’t sound like a lot when you consider that a circus themed slot machine should entertain the most of all.

The name Big Top refers to the big tent under which all the action takes place, capable of playing host for a lot of people and for all the artists and animals that perform. In this case, the role of the big tent is that of a wild symbol. Working like a Joker would in a card game, the Big Top substitutes for other symbols, as long as it’s placed on a payline where there are already a couple of matching symbols. It can award the progressive jackpot, given enough of these symbols on a payline (all five are required), and it’s also a valuable presence because other combinations can be formed with its assistance.

Bonus Game

The bonus game requires the presence of a golden ticket symbol, and it has to be on the 1st reel. The resulting bonus round gives you the ringmaster, as he’s taking out a raffle ticket out of the tombola, with the prize that you’ve won.


Betting options and jackpots

With relatively small prizes come low wagers as well, and that’s a good thing. The bets can only go up to $40 for a spin of Big Top Tombola, where each line or coin gets a value of $2, the highest available. The smallest coin usable in the slot is at $0.05.

As for the top jackpot, you can put your sights on the 5,000 coins the game offers, but it can only turn into a $10,000 prize. Still, a 5,000x multiple is not a bad offer, especially since there is a progressive jackpot on the line as well.

Design and symbols

For a circus themed slot, Big Top Tombola looks very good. The various animals and characters that are part of the action look great, thanks to the efforts of the designers that breathed life into this slot. The design style is somewhat retro, which works for a circus, especially when you use only lively colors and you surround the reels with red velvet curtains. The playing cards look like targets, with red and white concentric circles visible behind the letters.

Symbols: Big Tent (wild), Golden Ticket (bonus), Ringmaster (5,000 coins), Clown (1,250 coins), Strongman (500 coins), Elephant (100 coins), Lion (75 coins), Ace (50 coins), King (20 coins) and Queen (15 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Whether you enjoy the circus or not the design of this game will prove to be a pleasant surprise. The same can’t be said about its features or about its own top payouts though.

This Big Top Tombola slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.