Chain Reactors Slots

chain-reactorsChain Reactors was created by IGT and it’s a game that resembles a puzzle, where you try to create chains of symbols that match. It resembles the games that are so popular on mobile phones these days, titles like Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga. In this case, instead of candy or jewels you get monsters of all kinds and colors. Get multiple matching monsters next to each other, even if they’re not on the same line, and you get paid. Fans of the genre will enjoy playing Chain Reactors, especially since there are big jackpots offered as well.

Due to the way the game is built, you get 5 reels in this slot, but there are no paylines to bet on. You place a wager on all the symbols and you hope that one of the potential chains of symbols gets formed, the rewards reaching values of up to $1 million. No features are found inside, with the exception of the exploding symbols, which are essential to the way this game works, so they’re not really extras.

Features of Chain Reactors

There are no real features in this game, at least not the kind you might be expecting. The exploding symbols might be considered a feature though, where symbols disappear when they are part of a chain with at least five symbols in it. The best payouts are offered for 16+ symbol chains. The exploding symbols will leave their place to new ones, which come in and take their place, hopefully creating new chains and paying you again.

Betting options and jackpots

The betting is easy to understand, especially since there are no lines to select. You have the lower setting, which is $0.50, and then you have the maximum, which is $10. These are the extremes of the bets you can place in Chain Reactors, and they will cover the entire game.

The rewards can be quite big, but you need a minimum of 16 identical symbols to be near each other, in order to get the most out of them. The best one would be offered for 16 Zoid symbols, which would get you 100,000 times the bet ($1,000,000).

Design and symbols

The idea behind the game isn’t bad, but the way they’ve built the symbols made it less appealing than it should’ve been. The monsters that are used as symbols are cute in their own way, but they’re not terribly attractive or well drawn, so you’re not going to feel that extra push to keep playing it. The game area has 5 reels, with 5 positions on each one, for a total of 25 symbols appearing during each round. You need a minimum of 5 to form a chain in order for a prize to be awarded, with the best payouts requiring 16 or more.

Symbols: Zoid (100,000x), Flirty (6,000x), Cyclo (600x), Sunny (100x) and Spiky (50x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s going to be a fun experience, so I’ll recommend this slot machine and its unusual gameplay to anyone that’s looking for a different game than the ones already available out there. If you’re a fan of mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, than you’re really going to like Chain Reactors and the way it is played.

The Chain Reactors slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.