Clover Rollover Slots

clover-rolloverClover Rollover might seem like the usual Irish themed slot machine to you, with clovers, redheaded Irish women and leprechauns being abundant inside, but the real advantage that it has is the extremely profitable progressive jackpot it brings along. Sometimes going into the million dollar territory, this jackpot makes Clover Rollover a game you should pay attention to, even if the graphics are nothing extraordinary. The green that is so often connected with the Irish is visible everywhere, from the grass field placed in the background, to the color of the reels and of many symbols.

There are very few paylines to make active in this game, 5 of them total and placed on 5 reels, so there is a lot of empty space and wasted opportunities to form combinations inside. You also don’t get any kind of features from it, so even with its progressive jackpot and its payouts of up to $7,500, it feels more like a classic in a modern slot’s clothing.

Features of Clover Rollover

Clover Rollover keeps things very simple, so its 5 reels get the same number of paylines as a 3 reel classic would, and at the same time it gets the same features inside as a classic would (none). You’re not going to find much to keep you interested, since there are no features, but the progressive jackpot should do a lot for you in that regard.

Betting options and jackpots

Playing Clover Rollover is going to be a relatively inexpensive affair, with the biggest bets being worth $5, where each of the 5 paylines get $1 coins. The starting denomination is at $0.10, so you can reduce the bet further if you have to.

There are two types of rewards you can get inside, one of them being the $7,500 that Clover Rollover has to offer its players. The other would be a progressive jackpot, which starts at a $100,000 value, and then keeps going up until it is won by someone. At that point, the progressive jackpot resets and goes back to the initial value, of $100,000.

Design and symbols

The green of the Irish theme is almost overwhelming in Clover Rollover. A meadow, with lots of green grass and with clovers everywhere, is placed in the background picture, but it’s not as good looking as it might sound. The entire game could’ve used a bit more love from the designers, though it’s just as likely that this is a very old game. The playing cards are used as icons, but they’re not themed around the Irish legends.

Symbols: Lucky Clover (progressive jackpot), Pot of Gold (7,500x), Irish Celtic Cross (5,000x), Bar Wench (1,000x), Leprechaun Hat (500x), Stout (200x), Ace (100x), King (50x) and Queen (25x).


Is It Worth Playing?

There is not shortage of Irish themed slots out there, on the contrary, and they’re usually much better choices than this one. However, as far as payouts go, Clover Rollover offers you more with its progressive jackpot than any other in this category.

The Clover Rollover slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.