Cluedo – Mega Jackpots Slots

Cluedo-Mega-JackpotsAs the name suggests, this is the Mega Jackpots variant of Cluedo, a murder mystery game that revolves around a board game that in the real world is sold by Hasbro. The changes are in the design as well, not just in the prizes, though as a whole the characters are largely the same as before. Murder mysteries seem to be quite popular among slot players, and there are quite a few of them already on the market, but few actually have a real board game as inspiration. This title gives you the chance to experience a title you might already be a fan of, only in slot form.

You will notice that this slot has 20 paylines on its 5 reels, which tells you how many chances to win you get each round, the target being an impressive $500,000, or the Mega Jackpot progressive prize, either one will do since they’re so valuable. There is a good variety of features as well, with both bonus games and scatter symbols with wilds being included.

Features of Cluedo – Mega Jackpots

You are going to find enough features inside to keep you interested and happy, especially since the Mega Jackpots prize makes it easy to be a fan of this slot machine.

The presence of two different wild symbols is always something I can get onboard with, especially when one of them is also the trigger for the Mega Jackpots prize. The first of the two wilds, and the one that gives you the Mega Jackpots progressive prize, is the logo of the city with Mega Jackpots written on it. It has a 2x multiplier that applies to all the payouts of the combinations it helped form.

The second wild, with the Wild Cluedo text written on it, also has a 2x multiplier, and it also serves as a substitute for other symbols, if it can assist them from whatever spot it landed on during that spin. Neither wild has the ability to take the place of the bonus symbol.

Free Games Feature

The free spins feature gets its own symbol to trigger it, the Mystery Bonus scatter that can appear in any location on the reels. A minimum of three symbols need to appear, out of a total of five that are possible. They don’t have to be placed on active lines, they just need to be present.

The bonus game starts with a bang, or, to be more precise, with lightning strikes. You receive a total of 15 free games, the action taking place on golden reels. Whatever payouts you get out of these free games, will take advantage of a 3x multiplier, so they are worth three times as much. Retriggering the free spins is possible, plus the progressive jackpot is winnable in them as well.


Betting options and jackpots

Though it’s one of the better paying slot machines you will find anywhere, the wagers tend to get quite big as well, the maximum amount per spin being $1,000. At that level, you cover each of the 20 bet lines with 5 coins of $10. The use of a single coin per line is also possible though, with denominations going as low as $0.05.

The biggest prize offered is worth $500,000, at least when it comes to the rewards that the slot itself has to offer.

The Mega Jackpot is a progressive prize that keeps going up in value, until someone wins it. In this case, you’re getting one of the biggest progressive jackpots that casinos have to offer, the Mega Jackpot being capable of offering a few million dollars to one lucky player. The only way to win it is through a maximum bet, plus a combo of five Mega Jackpot logos on a payline.

Design and symbols

There aren’t that many changes in design, compared with the ones from the previous version of Cluedo. There are some minor changes in it, but for the most part you will find this a familiar game, and still as good looking as before. The playing cards make use of the potential murder weapons, same as before, so even they have a purpose here.

Symbols: Mega Jackpot (wild, progressive jackpot), Wild Cluedo (wild, 10,000x), Mystery Bonus (scatter), Miss Scarlet (750x), Mrs. White (750x), Professor Plum (400x), Reverend Green (250x), Colonel Mustard (250x), Revolver Ace (125x), Hammer King (100x), Candlestick Queen (100x), Rope Jack (100x), Dagger 10 (100x) and the Pipe Wrench 9 (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

One can easily say about any Mega Jackpots title that it’s worth playing, but Cluedo manages to bring its own advantages to the table, including the design if you’re a fan of the board game already, plus the free spins with 3x multipliers.

Cluedo, Hasbro’s Board Game

A board game where you have to solve a murder mystery, Cluedo is available in multiple versions, both in the United States and outside it. Its original creator is Antony Pratt, an Englishman from Birmingham, but the game is available worldwide now. There are differences between the versions released for different countries, some of them needing a minimum of two players, others starting at three. The maximum number is six players. Another difference is the name of the victim, called Dr. Black for the United Kingdom edition, while in North America it’s Mr. Boddy.

Players move around the board, in the rooms of the mansion, and they collect clues about the way the crime happened, trying to find the murder weapon and the guilty party. It’s a popular game and it’s been made into a film, there are books out there on the topic and now you have slots as well.

This Cluedo – Mega Jackpots slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.