Cluedo Slots

CluedoCluedo’s action is themed around a board game where you get to solve a crime, so it’s a mystery solving title, one of the many such slots that exist already in this category. Cluedo does have one advantage though, the fact that it’s based on a real board game, so chances are that many of you already know about it. This murder mystery board game needs 3 to 6 players, it was released by Hasbro, and at least two games from IGT are built on it, one of them with a huge jackpot attached. You’re getting the title with the regular prize here though.

Cluedo was created by IGT and it’s a 5 reel/15 payline slot machine. Two special symbols are part of it, the wild and the scatter, together with the bonus game where you get to solve a murder. A $125,000 jackpot is also part of the game, a great target to have while you’re trying to find out who the culprit is.

Features of Cluedo

The game relies more on the story and the characters than on special features to keep you busy, so only a scatter symbol with its bonus game and a wild are present in it.

The Newspaper Wild will be the one used to give you the biggest prize available, as it often happens. This wild, when it appears from the left to the right, on a payline with other matching wilds, gets you the 25,000 coins jackpot. It’s also a regular wild symbol the rest of the time, so you can expect that nearby symbols will rely on it to give you more combinations and more payouts. A wild symbol can just as easily improve on the payouts that are offered, by adding to an existing combo an additional symbol. There is only one symbol that the wild doesn’t contribute to, and that’s the scattered bonus icon.

Who Won It Bonus Feature

Allowed to appear only on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels, the bonus symbol has written on it the question “Who Won It?”. All three scatter symbols need to appear, and during the same spin, in order to get you the bonus game of Cluedo. Though it appears only on three reels, and it’s called a scatter, the symbols still have to be on the same active line.

The resulting bonus feature allows you to look for the murder suspect, by going through the three bonus boards. The first one is called Suspects, the second one is Room, while the third one is Weapon. The title gives you an idea of what you can expect to look for inside, different clues to the murder mystery that you’re trying to solve. There is a magnifying glass that moves around on each board, stopping at bonus prizes from time to time. You get three offers for a bonus prize and you either take what is offered, or you click on Try Again. You can only refuse the bonus two times, so the third one will be awarded to you, even if it’s smaller than the ones you didn’t want.

Betting options and jackpots

You get two things to decide on when you’re building up the wager for the next spin. The first one is the number of active lines, which will decide how many coins are going to be used. The value of those coins is next, starting at $0.10 and going as high as $10 if you can afford it. The bets will reach $150 if allowed, and at that value they give you the best chances and the best payouts.

The top jackpot is worth 12,500 coins, their value being up to $125,000. There are two ways to win this amount in the game, one of them through five wild symbols on a line, the other with the Cluedo Painting occupying a line of its own.

Design and symbols

Cluedo seems to have the perfect design for a murder mystery slot, with various possible weapons being part of the playing cards, while characters are well designed, yet they look like they are paintings and not real people. The mansion, the place where the crime took place, is in the background. There is a lot of dark green in this game, especially in the surrounding graphics, but it doesn’t overwhelm.

Symbols: Newspaper Wild (wild, 12,500x), Cluedo Logo (12,500x), Who Won It (bonus), Miss Scarlett (1,000x), Professor Plum (750x), Mrs. Peacock (600x), Colonel Mustard (500x), Mrs. White (400x), Reverend Green (300x), Ace & Revolver (250x), King & Dagger (200x), Queen & Spanner (150x), Jack & Rope (100x), 10 & Lead Pipe (90x) and 9 & Candlestick (80x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Cluedo manages to bring forward a good design, big prizes with manageable wagers and a bonus game that allows you to solve a murder mystery. It should be a great experience for the fans of the genre, but most people will have fun in it.

Cluedo, the Board Game

Cluedo, or Clue as it’s called in some countries, is offered by a toy company from the United States, called Hasbro. Depending on the edition, Cluedo requires 2 to 6, or 3 to 6 players, ages ranging from 8 and up. It takes about 5 minutes to set it up, and then you play it in 15 – 60 minutes. You use deductions to try and solve a murder mystery, the victim’s name being either Mr. Boddy or Dr. Black, depending on the edition.

There are six suspects total and you move around the mansion and collect clues along the way. Besides being a slot machine, Cluedo was also transformed into films, books and other types of games.

You will find Cluedo at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.