Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

Da-Vinci-DiamondsDa Vinci Diamonds does focus on the famous Italian artist and inventor that was Leonardo Da Vinci, but it also has various types of precious stones inside, even though there isn’t a real connection between treasures and this historic character. The game does look beautiful though, with gold decorations all around the reels, with various paintings done by Da Vinci and with rubies, emeralds and diamonds all present among the symbols. People have been fascinated with the personality that was Leonardo Da Vinci for a long time, part of the reason being the paintings he created (which are shown here), while another was the inventions and plans that he left behind.

A 5 reel IGT slot machine, Da Vinci Diamonds offers as many as 20 bet lines, with payouts of up to $25,000. The wild symbol, the tumbling reels, scatter symbol and free spins, these all contribute and it is a must play game.

Features of Da Vinci Diamonds

The wild symbol is one feature you can always find in modern slots, and it’s present here as well, but you also get the tumbling reels, scatter symbols and free spins out of it.

The tumbling reels are called by different names in various slot machines. In the case of this IGT slot, they’re tumbling reels, where symbols that are part of winning combinations disappear, leaving their place to new symbols that come tumbling in. The appearance of the new symbols can trigger new paying combinations, and if that happens, once again their symbols will disappear and yet another set of symbols will appear in their place. This keeps happening until there are no more winning combinations that round.


The wild symbol is a more common feature, capable of giving players an extra chance to form a combo, if the symbols that are already on active lines aren’t enough. If another symbol would form a combo if it was in its place, the wild takes that role and the new combo is born. This feature only works with symbols that are part of the regular paytable, so the bonus icon doesn’t benefit from it.


Free Games Feature

Speaking of the bonus symbol, it’s easy to recognize since the word Bonus is written in pink on it. It has the ability to trigger free spins, but it needs to appear on the positions of the same line, on the first three reels of the slot. Though triggering the free spins might be difficult, since the bonus symbols have to occupy certain positions on active lines, retriggering them is much easier, as they can do it from scattered positions this time. With three bonus symbols you can get an extra 2 to 4 free spins, while four symbols will get you 4 to 10 and five bonus symbols award 6 to 15 extra free spins.


Betting options and jackpots

Your first decision when it comes to betting options is on the number of coins that will be used for each active bet line. You get a range of 1 to 5 to choose from, though you have to keep in mind that each coin is worth $1, so the bet goes up to $5 as well. That’s only the line bet though, so when you add all the lines up, you end up with $100 per spin.

The biggest prize in Da Vinci Diamonds is worth 5,000 to 25,000 coins, depending on how big your wager was. The cash value goes up to $25,000.

Design and symbols

The game’s look is that of a modern museum, one big reason for it being the presence of multiple paintings done by Leonardo Da Vinci, while another is the presence of the decorations found all around the reels and displays. Made out of gold, with leaf like shapes and gems of various colors, Da Vinci Diamonds looks like a classy choice. The background areas are all black, adding to the impression that you’re in a place where you should keep silence and just admire the pretty pictures.

Symbols: Wild (wild), Bonus (scatter), Logo (5,000x), Mona Lisa (1,000x), Man Panting (500x), Woman Painting (300x), Ruby (100x), Emerald (100x) and Orange Gem (80x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Someone that enjoys art, or simply admires the work of Da Vinci, will be able to appreciate this game a lot more than someone that is just looking for a big payday. That’s my way of saying that if you want to get rich, this game doesn’t have that big of a potential in that area, but it can still be fun.

This Da Vinci Diamonds slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.