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Dungeons & Dragons – Crystal Caverns Slots

Dungeons-amp-Dragons-Crystal-CavernsDungeons & Dragons is a game that needs no introduction, even if you’ve never played the original tabletop game. Launched in the 70’s, this game became popular mostly around those that considered themselves geeks, using cards and role playing to spice things up for those with active imaginations. These days, the game might not be as popular as before, the Internet changed a lot of things, but it still makes for an entertaining slot machine.

The game might not look like a modern title, but with its 5 reels and 20 lines, plus its use of free games, scatters and wilds, it certainly behaves like one. IGT has placed a $25,000 jackpot in Crystal Caverns, a good target to have, especially with the tumbling reels feature in place.

Features of Dungeons & Dragons – Crystal Caverns

There are free games inside, a tumbling reels feature, wilds and scatters, all features that make this game a bit more fun for its fans.

One of the few features in this game that isn’t common in others, the tumbling reels will give you multiple opportunities to win during the same spin. It starts with a regular paying combo that forms on one of the paylines of the game. That winning combo pays you, then its symbols go off the screen and new ones will come take their place. The new symbols have the potential to help you form new combinations, which will also pay you. Those new combinations will also fall off the screen after they pay you, and once again new symbols come take their place. This can keep happening until you no longer get a winning combo. It’s a great feature to have, in any game, since it gives you a chance at a series of payouts, while you pay for only one spin.


The Wild, with the word written in green, with a bone made decoration that includes dragon heads behind it, will only be able to substitute for regular symbols, but that’s 80% of the game’s icons. It doesn’t substitute for the scatter, but that’s to be expected. It also doesn’t give away any prizes on its own, so it’s only useful when it is part of another combo.


Tumbling Treasures

This is the slot’s only bonus game, a feature that requires the presence of the Bonus Globe on the first three reels of an active line. Only reels 1, 2 and 3 can get this symbol, and you need all three of them present to start this feature up.

Your reward will consist in an initial round of 6 free spins, but for their duration the bonus symbols can appear on all the reels and they can retrigger the free spins in even greater numbers. You get 6 to 15 spins when there are 5 bonus symbols scattered, 4 to 10 when there are 4, and 2 to 4 spins for three bonus symbols.


Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 20 lines you get here can be activated by you, with a single coin. That coin gets a fixed value, of $1, and you can use multiple coins on each line if you want to. The $5 line wager means a $100 maximum bet.

You can get up to 25,000 coins out of Crystal Caverns, the cash equivalent being the same amount, $25,000. This prize is only worth this much if the line bet was the maximum of $5.

Design and symbols

The theme revolves around Dungeons & Dragons, as I’ve mentioned already, with the setting being a crystal cavern, which you can see behind the reels. On the reels, the symbols look good, but the decorations used around them, together with the rest of the design, makes them look older and less attractive than they should be. Various crystals are also placed among the symbols, taking the place that playing cards would have in other slots.

Symbols: Wild (wild), Bonus Crystal Ball (scatter), D&D Logo (5,000x), Tordek (1,000x), Elf Princess (500x), Bodock (300x), Green Crystal (100x), Blue Crystal (100x) and Purple Crystal (80x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an attractive proposition for a fan of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise or of the fantasy genre, but I don’t see it being as fun to play for everyone else. It has the features for it, but the top payouts and the design are not impressive enough.

Dungeons & Dragons, the Tabletop Game

Known as a tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons is an RPG that takes place in a fantasy setting. It was first released in 1974, the creator being TSR (Tactical Studies Rules). The launch of the first D&D is considered to be the start of the RPG genre, which has evolved considerably in the next few decades. New editions of the game were released every couple of years after that, with additional rules added each time. The game uses a dice to decide what the next action will be, so it has an element of random chance to it, but you also have to improvise, to use skills like arithmetic’s or tactics.

You will find Dungeons & Dragons – Crystal Caverns at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.