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Dungeons & Dragons – Fortress of Fortunes Slots

Dungeons-amp-Dragons-Fortress-of-FortunesThe second Dungeons & Dragons slot machine from IGT, Fortress of Fortunes has better graphics and about the same features as its predecessor, though it has improved in a number of ways and it’s more fun to play. The Dungeons & Dragons franchise has been a favorite of players that played it originally, and it has lost a lot of its popularity in recent decades, but there are still players out there, as well as many people that remember it fondly because it was a part of their life at some point.

IGT’s second D&D slot machine has 5 reels inside, with an average 20 lines on them. Its biggest payout is anything but average though, your reward being a 12,500x line bet multiple, or up to $62,500. Its free spins and their multipliers, the scatter symbol and the wild are the best features that the game can offer you.

Features of Dungeons & Dragons – Fortress of Fortunes

You’re going to find that Fortress of Fortunes keeps many of the features of its predecessor, but the tumbling reels are no longer used, with the remaining symbols being the wild and the scatter, with the free spins and their multipliers being also included.

The most valuable symbol of all is the one that can give you the biggest prize and that much is true in any slot machine. In this case, that role goes to the Wild, a symbol that has an image of a green crystal ball, with an eye in the middle of it. Despite being rather weird looking, you will be glad to see it, the symbol offering up to 62,500 coins and also being the one to act as a substitute for the others.

The one that is more fun to get is the scatter though, the D&D dice being the one representing it. With up to 10x the bet in prizes offered for up to five dice scatters on the reels, this is already a good deal, but you can add to that list the free spins as well.


Fortress Free Spins

Besides getting payouts from the scatters, you are also going to get free spins while you are in the main game. Three scatters gets you 5 free spins with 1x multipliers. Four scatters will award 7 spins and 2x multipliers. Finally, the presence of five scattered dice comes with 10 free games and 3x multipliers for all their prizes.

You can also collect more free games and bigger multipliers, by going through the five levels of Fortress Dungeon, in a bonus game that starts before the free games round. Exploration and fighting monsters have never been so fun and profitable before.

Betting options and jackpots

The $100 wager that is the higher limit in this game is composed of 20 different smaller bets, each one covering a different payline. These line bets use 1 to 5 coins, all of them at $1, so the range is $1 to $5 in each case. Betting on all the lines is not a must, so you can get the bet to be as small as $1.

The same top jackpot symbol, the wild, can give you two different prizes, depending on the size of your wager. Use the maximum bet, get a five wild combo, and you will win 12,500x the line bet, or $62,500. Use a smaller bet than the maximum possible, and the reward is only 2,500x ($12,500).

Design and symbols

The design has improved considerably since the last D&D slot that IGT has released, with better looking and more colorful graphics, with the background image actually showing us a beautiful and inspiring picture, plus symbols that look much better. You get playing cards, and you didn’t have those before, but the game is still the better looking option.

Symbols: Crystal Ball (wild, 12,500x), D&D Dice (scatter, 10x the bet), D&D Logo (1,000x), Chosen Hero (500x), Dragon (250x), Castle (200x), Ace (150x), King (125x), Queen (125x), Jack (100x) and 10 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an even better looking and paying game than the previous title based on Dungeons & Dragons, so you have every reason to try it out if you’ve played the game, or you simply enjoy fantasy titles.

Dungeons & Dragons, the Original

Released by TSR in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop RPG, a fantasy title that allows people to roleplay and to use dice while advancing in the game, using tactics and improvising along the way. It was hugely popular in the decades after it was released, with new variants launched once every couple of years. It is considered these days that the D&D game was the one to get the RPG gaming market started.

Over 20 million players have tried D&D, with sales in equipment and books reaching $1 billion since its first release. With translations done in many other languages, with video games, movies and books based on it, D&D is one of the more worthy of attention tabletop games, and I’m glad that IGT made it into a slot machine.

This Dungeons & Dragons – Fortress of Fortunes slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.