Joker Reels Slots

Joker-ReelsIf you only look at the numbers, you’re going to expect a pretty normal classic slot machine. While it does have 3 reels and 5 lines, the way the game looks makes it anything but ordinary. There are five separate sets of 3 reels here, each one having a single row of three symbols. The theme is the typical one though, involving all sorts of badly designed fruits and other classic icons. Joker Reels is a slot machine that is offered by IGT.

The game holds on its 3 reels a total of 5 paylines, each one getting its own set. Hold options, nudges, wild symbols and bonus games are all part of the fun. As for the big prize, it offers you $25.

Features of Joker Reels

The game has no shortage of features, giving you wilds, scatters and bonus games. Add the Hold feature to this list, and you get the idea of how fun it can be.

A Hold button is placed underneath each reel of the game. You can use these buttons to keep in place the reels you want, which you do if you like what symbols appear on them. Only those reels will be held, while the others will spin and hopefully bring you the rest of the symbols needed for creating combinations. You have to pay attention to the content of the reels though, in order to calculate what the best course of action is, which reels to hold and which to spin again. The obvious choice would be to always hold reels with wilds on them.

If you see the Joker symbol appear, you should be happy about it, this being the symbol with the role of the wild. It can be a substituting symbol, taking the place of another if it lands in its place, and if the rest of the payline symbols are of the same type. You can also get paid directly by the wild, if it forms its own combo of three.

Let’s Party

The bonus game of the slot is started when the game has all three Let’s Party Balloon scatter symbols present on the three reels. You are taken to a new screen at this point, where you have to click on balloons and pop them, which will get you a prize or the Party Over message (which ends the feature).

Betting options and jackpots

The game is clearly not designed to make you rich, but it’s not going to cost much either. The 5 lines get bets of $0.10 each one, with the total at $0.50.

A top reward of 250 coins is possible when the best combo forms on a payline, so $25 would be the cash value.

Design and symbols

Though the way the reels are arranged is unusual, the game remains very much a classic when it comes to the design. Its advanced features aside, the slot tries to mimic the classic fruit slots as much as possible with its graphics, using mostly images of fruits and other classic icons, like the Sevens or Golden Bells. You’re not going to be too impressed with the design aspect, unless you have a preference for that kind of vintage look.

Symbols: Joker (wild), Let’s Party Logo (scatter), Red 7 (250 coins), Blue 7 (100 coins), Green 7 (50 coins), Bar (10 coins), Watermelon (4 coins), Bell (3 coins), Grape (2 coins), Plum (1 coin), Orange, Cherries.

Is It Worth Playing?

I wouldn’t suggest you play a game that looks this bad, but it’s somewhat different from your usual classic slot machine, so if you really enjoy this kind of game you might want to take a look at it.

You will find Joker Reels at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.