Jungle Madness Slots

Jungle-MadnessJungle Madness is your typical jungle themed slot machine, and as it often happens, the animals that inhabit it are the ones that the design focuses on. You will find all the usual suspects among its symbols, from snakes, to monkeys, Toucan birds and animal prints enhancing the look of the playing cards. It’s an often chosen theme for these games, and normally it would be hard for it to stand out, but its progressive jackpot takes care of that part.

The slot’s designer is IGT, and they’ve added on the 5 reels up to 20 lines that can get activated, each one giving you a chance at its $5,000 top prize, or the progressive prize. The wild symbol and a bonus game trigger are the only two additions to the special features list.

Features of Jungle Madness

The usual wild symbol is part of Jungle Madness, as is a bonus game, but even with both of them taken into account, this is not a feature rich slot machine.

The Tiger wild is as usual a popular feature, the only one capable of acting as a substitute when other symbols are concerned. Its presence in the right spot can mean that a combination will be formed, even though normally it wouldn’t have been possible. You still need a couple of matching symbols to be present in the right spots, for the wild to be able to contribute to their new combo, but you’re going to find that this happens quite often. Another good reason to enjoy when the Tiger appears, is that it can give away the progressive jackpot, though for that to happen it would need to appear on its own payline with five symbols.

Jungle Bonus Feature

This is a feature that requires the presence of the second special symbol, the Jungle Man. Looking like Tarzan, this guy has the ability to trigger the bonus feature when it shows up on the 1st reel and part of an active payline. That’s all you need to start this bonus game.

On the next screen, the Jungle Man looks at three vines, which he has to use to go across a swamp area. You choose which vine he uses, and if he manages to go across the swamp you get your prize. If he fails, the bonus feature ends.

Betting options and jackpots

The game should be accessible to most players, the upper limit being set to $20, while the lowest one is at $0.10. The line wagers go from $0.10 to $1, so you need to activate all 20 lines to get to the maximum of $20.

Your reward is the progressive jackpot, ideally, but if that doesn’t work out, you can still dream of the slot’s own $5,000. The progressive jackpot is won with the help of the game’s wild symbol, which needs to take over a full active payline.

Design and symbols

The Jungle Madness theme comes across quite well actually, and it’s a pleasant slot machine to look at. Chances are that you’re going to enjoy playing this game, with its symbols being all themed around animals of the jungle. Even the playing cards get various animal prints as backgrounds, so they look more at home than they usually do.

Symbols: Tiger (wild, progressive jackpot), Jungle Man (bonus), Monkey (5,000x), Alligator (1,250x), Toucan Bird (500x), Tree Frog (110x), Snake (75x), Ace (50x), King (20x) and Queen (15x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Should Jungle Madness be on your must play list? It’s a decent looking slot machine and it does have a decent progressive jackpot, it’s cheap to play and it doesn’t do as great when it comes to features. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, so go for it.

The Jungle Madness slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.