Lil’ Lady Slots

Lil-LadyLil’ Lady’s title refers to the ladybird, a small and cute insect, a beetle with a red and black back, though the red is sometimes replaced by yellow, orange or yellow colors. They’re incredibly cute and they’re also called ladybugs. A love story of sorts seems to be taking place here, with the ladybug being the focus for the attention of a small ant. The world of insects is the one that gets the attention of the players here, with most symbols being either things like toadstools or various types of small bugs.

A total of 40 paylines are found on the 5 reels of Lil’ Lady, more than enough to make this a game that gives you lots of chances to win its $5,000 top prize. As for the features that you will find, they are scatter symbols, wilds or free spins.

Features of Lil’ Lady

You’re not getting much from this game as far as features are concerned, which I suppose it’s understandable since it has 40 paylines and just as many potential combinations can be formed each round. You do get the rather average scatter and wild symbols though, along with a free spins round.

The ladybug’s back appears framed in a green symbol, and the reason why this is memorable is because it has the role of both the wild and that of the top jackpot trigger. On its own, this symbol is going to give you 50 to 1,000 coins as prizes, when you have three to five of them together on the same line. While used as a wild, you’re going to find that you get more winning combinations in the long run, and that you might actually walk away with a profit because of its help. Of course, the wild doesn’t substitute for the scatter symbol, but it works with all regular combinations.


You’re not going to have any trouble figuring out what the bonus symbol looks like. With some green leaves in the background, this symbol has the word “Bonus” written on top. You will find that it can make appearances on the reels 2, 3 and 4. All three Bonus symbols, when they appear, will pool their resources and give you a prize, which is worth only 2x the triggering bet unfortunately.

Free Spins Feature

The three Bonus symbols that give you that small prize will make up for it with the second part of the prize they have to offer, and that’s a round of 5 free spins. Get those three Bonus symbols again, and another 5 free spins are offered. It’s a bit stingy, most games giving away at least twice that many free games.


Betting options and jackpots

In the betting area, you will find two sections that are of interest to you, and with which you can work when setting up your wager. The lines section goes from 1 to 40, while Line Bet starts at $1 and goes up to $5. The Max Bet option will set you back about $200 per spin.

The wild, the one that gives you the biggest prize, will only award 1,000 coins, so $5,000 is the highest payout of Lil’ Lady.

Design and symbols

It’s a cute game and that’s exactly what it aims for. With ladybugs and cute ants courting them and bringing them flowers, it’s bound to be a game that makes you say “Awwww”. There are all sorts of plants and toadstools around, each one looking huge, as seen from an insect’s perspective. Even the playing cards are drawn to look like they’re fun, though they didn’t go as far as giving them a themed appearance.

Symbols: Ladybug Back (wild, 1,000 coins), Bonus (scatter, 2x the bet), Ladybug (400 coins), Ant (400 coins), Toadstool (250 coins), Flower (250 coins), Ace (150 coins), King (150 coins), Queen (100 coins), Jack (100 coins), 10 (100 coins) and 9 (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

If the thought of a cute looking game sounds good to you, even though it might not give you big prizes, then Lil’ Lady will be perfect. With its 40 lines, you can expect lots of small wins from it, so you will at least be entertained.

This Lil’ Lady slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.