Mafia Millions Slots

Mafia-MillionsA slot machine with a mafia theme, Mafia Millions is an entertaining choice, which you can play thanks to its developer, IGT. The mafia that this title refers to is the one that so many people are fascinated with, the gangsters that became quite strong during the prohibition and in the following decades. Based on the characters and cars that are in the slot, this seems to be in the time of Al Capone and Scarface, in the 40’s and 50’s. There are a lot of bullet holes accompanying this mafia themed slot machine and the millions that are shown in the background.

The Mafia Millions slot gets 5 reels, and on them up to 20 paylines As features, you will discover that you have access to wild symbols and to free spins, but not much else. A $10,000 jackpot is also offered, though that’s not big enough to make you dream of millions. The progressive jackpot should be a lot more helpful though.

Features of Mafia Millions

The wild symbol and the free spins that are present here don’t give you much to work with, not if you enjoy playing slots with lots of features inside.

The Mafia Boss is the easiest to like of the two features, as besides its wild attributes it is also capable of giving away a progressive jackpot. You will need to use the maximum bet in order to get the most out of it, with smaller bets giving you only a percentage of the total value of that prize. For the progressive jackpot you need a full active line covered with Mafia Boss wilds, but to do its job as a wild, it only has to appear once. Each wild is capable of taking the place of another symbol, so a combo will appear when a wild is positioned in such a way that the other matching symbols can take advantage of it.

Free Games Feature

The other feature consists in free spins, offered for up to five symbols with the Bank Vault on them. The rewards start when you have a minimum of three Bank Vaults scattered on the reels, in which case you win 10 free spins. Additional Bank Vaults add to that number, so with four symbols you get 20 spins, while five symbols will get you 30 free spins.

Betting options and jackpots

With its wagers going only up to $40, Mafia Millions doesn’t seem to ask that much in exchange for a chance at its progressive jackpot. Your bet is placed on up to 20 lines, with individual coins valued in the $0.05 to $2 range.

If the progressive jackpot is not won by you, perhaps you will have better luck with the slot’s own 5,000 coins prize, with $10,000 being its highest value. The progressive jackpot’s value depends on the size of the bet you made, so if, for example, you used a $10 bet, you would win only 25% of its maximum potential.

Design and symbols

The design is as it should be, with a touch of retro built into it, with dames in fur coats and pearl necklaces, with policemen, old cars, suitcases with money and bullet ridden playing cards. The background image is visible only at the top, where you see stacks of cash surrounding the logo area. Even though it’s not a superb design, it’s above average at the very least.

Symbols: Mafia Boss (wild, progressive jackpot), Mistress (5,000 coins), Car (1,000 coins), Money (750 coins), Police Man (200 coins), Bank Vault (scatter, 125 coins), Ace (75 coins), King (50 coins), Queen (20 coins) and Jack (15 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a fan of mafia movies and games in general, Mafia Millions should be at least a decent game, but most people will find that the two simple features it offers will not be enough to keep them interested.

You will find Mafia Millions at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.