Market Mayhem Slots

Market-MayhemInspiration for Market Mayhem seems to have come from the stock market and from some of the flashier characters that are successful with it. This would be a game that is designed by developers working for IGT, and while it’s not a topic that you will find only here, it’s not that often covered by other games either. The stock market connection means that you’re going to see things like expensive cars, calculators and graphs on the reels, showing off both the luxury lifestyle of a good stock broker, and the tools of the trade.

25 win lines and 5 reels are good numbers for a modern game, and they’re often used in slot machines. A bonus game, a scatter symbol and a wild with a multiplier, these are the major features which you will discover inside. The big prize is not that big, but it offers a good return on the small investment that you have to make, giving you $4,000.

Features of Market Mayhem

The game relies on a couple of well known and often used features, which in this case means a wild symbol, a scatter and a bonus game.

We have the Business Man symbol first, a rather limited wild symbol which is only going to appear on two reels, the first and the last one. It’s a very basic wild, the only role it has being related to its substitution ability. This will work only when regular symbols need to be replaced with a symbol that has the same power. It will not take the place of a scatter symbol. You do get a small prize out of it, worth 2x the line bet, which you receive for each wild that appears on the reels.

The Bank is the slot’s scatter symbol, which you will use only to get paid. Having a minimum of two Bank scatters will trigger a prize, which goes as high as 100 times the bet for five such symbols.

Stock Market Bonus

The bonus game of Market Mayhem is triggered by the wild Business Man, both the 1st reel and the 5th reel needing this symbol on them at the same time. Should that happen, the bonus game will trigger.


It offers you 10 stock options, which you can invest in companies. There are between 1 and 4 companies that you can invest in. You can risk it all on a smaller number of companies, or you can spread it around. If you guess which company will have the best return on your investment, you win more.

Betting options and jackpots

The stake you work with on each line of the game will only go up to $0.40, that being the maximum value of a coin. Since 25 lines are used, and 25 coins wagered, you can bet a maximum of $10.

The rewards are good when you consider how much you wager, the game offering back 10,000 times the line bet, which would mean $4,000 cash in this case.

Design and symbols

The design in Market Mayhem looks more like it was made for the early years of the 2000s, when the stock market got a lot more attention and it awed people more than it does these days. You have the big city in the background, shown at night, with skyscrapers that have lots of windows lit up. The reels get only themed symbols luckily, which range from glasses of whisky to expensive watches or images with the traders involved.


Symbols: The Businessman (wild), The Bank (scatter, 100x total wager), Businesswoman (10,000 coins), Car (2,500 coins), Gold Bars (500 coins), Stock Bonds (500 coins), Watch (250 coins), Cell Phone (250 coins), Calculator (150 coins), Whiskey (150 coins), Stocks Graph (100 coins) and MM Coin (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s got a bit of a dated theme and design, but you’re getting good features, low bets and prizes which offer you 10,000 coins if you’re really lucky.

The Market Mayhem slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.