Mayan Mania Slots

Mayan-ManiaThe Mayan theme has been used quite often by developers as inspiration, along with the Aztecs and other long lost civilizations, both from South America and from Europe. In Mayan Mania, you’re going to discover such a game, designed by IGT, a title that celebrates the things we know about the Mayans, with the pyramids they left behind, with idols and with characters that are dressed like Mayan warriors or women. There is no shortage of games with this theme out there, for you to choose from if you’re a fan of the topic, but I’d say Mayan Mania has its chance and it deserves a look.

This 5 reel IGT slot will provide you with 20 different reasons to play it, with just as many paylines to place bets on. The game’s $5,000 jackpot might not seem like a great reason to try it out, but a progressive jackpot adds to its attractiveness level, so I’m sure you will have fun playing it, while at the same time taking advantage of the only major feature it has, the wild symbol.

Features of Mayan Mania

You will discover that you are presented with a couple of decent features in this game, among them being the wild and the bonus symbol. It could’ve been a lot more, and it’s a bit disappointing that this is all you’re getting.

First of all, we have the Volcano wild, the symbol that is probably the most common in 5 reel games. This popular icon gets to act as a wild, which means that you will get help from it from time to time, whenever it appears on your reels in a position from where it can assist in the formation of a new combo. It manages to help you through its substitution powers, which allow it to contribute and increase your profits in the long run. You will not take advantage of this symbol when it comes to the bonus feature, but otherwise it will work just fine with every other symbol.

Bonus Game

The only other major feature symbol of this slot is the Crystal Skull. It’s a bonus symbol, not a scatter, and you only need one to appear in the game. Its location has to be on the 1st reel and at the same time it has to be on an active payline. That simple presence of one bonus symbol will be sufficient to get the bonus feature triggered.

You enter a room next, where Crystal Skulls are placed. You will notice that the skull placed in the middle starts rotating. You click on the STOP button when you want, and it will do just that, shining a light on one of the other skulls in the room. That skull then reveals how much you’ve won from the game.


Betting options and jackpots

Activating all 20 paylines of Mayan Mania is easily done, as the only requirement is for one coin to be used for each line, with the maximum bet using 20 coins. These coins have a short range when it comes to the denomination, the starting point being $0.10, while the maximum value is $1. The result is a wager that will go up to $20 for one spin.

In exchange for that kind of wager, which is not considered big, you can get either one of the four progressive jackpots (Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze), or you can win the 5,000 coins that the slot gives out directly. Even the lowest progressive jackpot has the potential of giving you a bigger prize than the slot does on its own, so it’s great that there are four of them total. The progressive prize you’re going to get depends on the kind of wager you’ve placed, with the maximum bet getting you the Diamond prize, while the use of $0.10 coins will get you Bronze.

Design and symbols

The Mayan theme is the one selected in this case, understandable for this slot machine, and it shows in every single symbol, even the playing cards. There are images of warriors, idols and pyramids, along with the stone temple that supports the reels, and which has idol statues placed near the logo. There is quite a bit of brown in its design, but it looks good nonetheless.

Symbols: Volcano (wild, progressive jackpot), Crystal Skull (bonus), Mayan Warrior (5,000 coins), Mayan Princess (1,000 coins), Idol (500 coins), Mayan Pyramid (100 coins), Ace (50 coins), King (30 coins), Queen (20 coins) and Jack (12 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The one thing that really makes this slot a worthy choice would be the progressive jackpot it can give you, especially if you’ve been using the maximum bet. The features are not that special, and not many either, but it has an above average design and all things considered, you might just enjoy it.

This Mayan Mania slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.