Monopoly – Mega Jackpots Slots

Monopoly-Mega-JackpotsThe Mega Jackpot version of Monopoly is the kind of game where you don’t really need to be interested in the theme to play it, not with million dollars of prizes available inside. Still, its theme is based on one of the most popular board games in the world, it’s got plenty of features and the right design to go with it, so you shouldn’t have any issues playing and enjoying this game. The version you have here has only 9 paylines, which is not ideal, but it does mean that while you have fewer chances of hitting a prize, they will at least be bigger than usual.

It’s always a pleasure to test a game that has a Mega Jackpots prize inside, and that’s what you will discover in this version of the Monopoly slot. Besides the millionaire worthy Mega Jackpots prize, you will discover that even the slot on its own is capable of giving you $75,000. On top of the big prizes, you will discover multiple features that I’d consider of good quality, including some bonus games, free games, multipliers, scatters and wild symbols. This slot from IGT has only 5 reels and 9 paylines.

Features of Monopoly – Mega Jackpots

With scatter symbols and bonus games, wilds and free spins, plus some multipliers to top things off, you’re going to discover that this game is a lot of fun even without the progressive jackpot getting involved.

The symbol that will easily get most of the attention is the one that has the Mega Jackpots logo, as it not only gives you the biggest prize available, but it also acts as a typical wild symbol. You’re going to discover that having a wild symbol around will increase the number of winning combinations that form, thanks to its powers of substitution, which allow it to act as most symbols.

Pass Go Bonus Game

Two different scatter symbols are included, one of them marked Pass Go Bonus, reserved for the reels 1, 2 & 3. Apparently, these scatter symbols can be anywhere on their own reels, but they have to be on an active payline. When this happens, you are asked to click on one of those bonus symbols, in order for the number of dice rolls to be shown. They vary between 1 and 6. The bonus game starts, and then you have to roll the dice and find out what you’ve won. You will find that the game piece moves by using the dice roll’s result to tell it how many spots it should travel.

The starting value for your bonus is 10, to which more can be added, by landing the piece on deeds. Each time you go through the GO section, meaning that you completed the board once, the deed value goes up. First, it doubles in value, then it triples.

Reaching a Chance spot will move the piece to a random place. Getting Free Parking gives you a random bonus. Reaching GO gives you 2x the bet. Landing on Jail will give you a bonus feature where you are rewarded if within your next three dice throws you get a double. 2x to 5x multipliers are offered if you manage it.


Chance Win Spin

Triggered by its own three scatter symbols, which need to appear on reels 3 through 5, Chance Win Spin is a bonus game that you can only start up by betting on all the paylines. You are asked to pick a symbol, out of the three that started the feature, in order to figure out how many win spins you’re getting. The cards reveal numbers between 2 and 4.

The next stage involves a slot machine handle, appearing on the right side of the five reels. It will be used by Mr. Monopoly, to trigger the free spins. You continue to get free spins until you finally have a winning combo appear. Those that don’t receive a prize after seven of these spins, will get one worth 10x the triggering wager. The number of Win Spins you’ve won basically tells you how many times this process will be repeated. If you had three win spins, that means that you will have three rounds with paying combinations in them, guaranteed.


Betting options and jackpots

Each of the 9 bet lines will receive at least one coin if you want to activate them all, but you can increase the wager up to 5 coins, should you want to. These coins have a big range, so you can start at just $0.10, and you can end up at $10 for a single coin. Wagers of up to $50 per line are possible, with the maximum bet reaching $450.

The obvious top prize here would be the progressive jackpot, the Mega Jackpot payout that has an average value of $3 million. You might have to pay tax on that, but you still end up with a huge prize, enough to make you a millionaire. The biggest payout that the slot is capable of giving you directly is worth about $75,000.

Design and symbols

The slot’s designers did a lot of things right, and you can easily figure out that this game is based on Monopoly, even if you don’t see the logo area. However, they also chose to use a number of classic symbols, fruits of different types, which can be an advantage if you despise playing cards (which are missing here), or it can be a problem if you’d rather have the entire game themed around Monopoly, without filler content. Other than that, it gives you the classic Monopoly experience and it looks the part, so I’m satisfied.

Symbols: Mega Jackpots Logo (wild, progressive jackpot), Pass Go Bonus (scatter), Win Spin Bonus (scatter), Mr. Monopoly (2,500x), Mayfair Deed (1,200x), Piccadilly Deed (1,000x), Strand Deed (750x), Three Cash Stacks (450x), Two Cash Stacks (300x), Player Game Symbol (225x), One Cash Stack (150x), Watermelon (75x), Orange (75x) and Strawberry (75x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Monopoly – Mega Jackpots has a lot to offer. The progressive jackpot alone can make you a millionaire, while the features are well thought out and a lot of fun. They even give you free spins where you’re guaranteed to win prizes.

Monopoly, the Board Game

Though it was initially launched in 1903, Monopoly didn’t get into the current form until 1935, when this version was released by the Parker Brothers company. These days, you will find that Hasbro is the one to produce it in the United States, with other companies involved being Waddingtons and Parker Brothers. This game is played by 2 to 6 players usually, with some versions allowing up to 8. It can take up to 10 minutes to set up, after which it can take between 1 and 4 hours to complete. It uses quite a bit of randomness, using the dice to decide where your piece goes, but your actions in the game will also have a big impact on the outcome.

You will find Monopoly – Mega Jackpots at any online casino which chooses to use software from IGT, playable either for free or for real money.