Monopoly Multiplier Slots

Monopoly-MultiplierOne of the many Monopoly themed slot machines that IGT created, Monopoly Multiplier is a title with only 3 reels, but which keeps the graphics based on the board game, has a couple of features, but overall it’s a lot less advanced than the other titles from the series. The city and its skyscrapers are in the background, Mr. Monopoly is next to the reels and the Multiplier part of the name seems to refer to one of its few features, the multiplier bonus game.

An interesting title, Monopoly Multiplier might have just 3 reels, but it offers a total of 27 ways to win on them, quite the unusual setup for a game like this. It was created by IGT, and they’ve made sure to include huge prizes inside, in the $2 million dollar area, plus a wild symbol and a multiplier as its only features.

Features of Monopoly Multiplier

This simple game has a wild symbol plus a multiplier triggered through a bonus game. I’d consider a feature its 27 ways to win as well, an interesting use of this system and one of the few times that it’s been done on a 3 reel slot.

The wild symbol is your usual substitute that allows you to get paid a lot more if you play this game in the long run. You’re going to discover that it doesn’t do much else, but since there are 27 ways to win on only 3 reels, your chances of getting a combination increase considerably when the wild is present. It’s also the symbol that gives you the biggest payouts, though normally that only means a 50x multiplier.

The other big feature is the one with the multiplier, the one that the game was built around. You need only three identical symbols to form a combo on a line, and that will be enough to get you the bonus feature. You pick one of the 8 Monopoly tokens, and it will reveal a multiplier that is anywhere between 2x and 25x. It will be applied to the value of your triggering bet, and bets can be quite big in this slot machine.


Betting options and jackpots

With the ways to win system in place, this 3 reel game doesn’t require you to decide how many lines you want active. You simply use the Stake option to change the wager you’re placing, which starts at $10 (lowest setting) and can go up to an incredible $40,000.

The largest wager possible in this game might stun you for a few seconds, but you should know that the rewards are great as well, the big prize being worth up to $2,000,000. That’s only 50x the wager, so it might feel like a bit much, but keep in mind that they’ve crammed 27 ways to win on 3 reels, so you have a bigger chance than normal to win it.

Design and symbols

You wouldn’t expect much from a 3 reel game usually, but for a title that is built under official license things are different, so Monopoly Multiplier manages to be quite a bit better than your usual classic title. However, it still doesn’t manage to equal the design of a slot machine with 5 reels, not even the ones that are part of the Monopoly franchise. It’s mostly because of the symbols and the way they are built, a lot more basic than the rest of the graphics. The 3D character that was placed on the left side of the reels is one example of an image that is much better than anything the symbols might throw at you.

Symbols: Monopoly Logo Wild (wild, 50x), Red House (10x), Green House (8x), Blue Mr. Monopoly (6x), Red Mr. Monopoly (5x), Purple Mr. Monopoly (4x), Go Arrow (3x), Chest (2x), Red car (1x) and Light bulb (1x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Those of you that can bet big will enjoy the kind of prizes you can win in Monopoly Multiplier. Everyone else will love the 27 ways to win, the multiplier feature and the wild, all of them available in a 3 reel slot machine.

Monopoly, the Board Game

A game of Monopoly needs a minimum of two people, with the maximum being six or eight, depending on the version. You will find that it doesn’t take long to get started, but that you can spend four hours or more playing the game. It is one of the best selling board games worldwide, and it has been that way for decades.

In its current form, Monopoly has been on the market since 1935, but the original version was launched in 1903, when it was used to demonstrate how land ownership was evil. By going around the board, the movements being decided by dice rolls, you end up owning properties, developing them and collecting rent from other players. It can be a lot of fun, and even though there is a highly random element, you also have your own decisions to make, which will influence the outcome.

Monopoly Multiplier can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.