Monopoly Plus Slots

Monopoly-PlusA game of Monopoly has always been a popular way to spend an evening among friends, it’s one of the world’s most popular board games after all, so it’s no surprise that IGT has released yet another slot machine based on it. Called Monopoly Plus, this slot machine keeps the same interesting graphics, but they’ve added a serious amount of features to it as well. The result is a game to which the word “addictive” could be applied, as you will discover by reading about its features.

A 5 reel game that has up to 30 lines, Monopoly Plus is an interesting game, where you advance from one level to the next by collecting money, getting them based on the places you land on, starting at the Entrepreneur level and going up to Tycoon, enjoying bonus features at each step of the way. Among these features, you will discover mini-slot bonus games, wild symbols, mystery wild features and scatter symbols. Payouts reach up to 1,500x the line bet initially, but in one of the bonus features you can go up to 16,000x.

Features of Monopoly Plus

Whether we’re talking about wilds and scatters, about bonus features with mini-slots or about mystery wilds, you will find plenty of reasons to love this game, once you give it a chance.

One of the things that this game brings in the feature section is the Mystery Wild. As long as you don’t have a Logo icon present on the 1st reel, or Board Bonus icons anywhere else, you can get this feature started at random, at the end of a spin. When it does start up, you will notice that Mr. Monopoly makes an appearance, turning at least one of the reels into a wild. In theory, it can end up turning all five reels into wilds, so prizes can get huge rather quickly if you’re really lucky.

A regular wild symbol is also going to make appearances in the game, though you only have one position on a reel that is occupied by it this time. Mr. Monopoly is the one that is used for its image. It’s a basic wild, that substitutes for the other symbols and that should mean better prizes for you, simply because you’re getting more combinations.


Monopoly Board Bonus Game

The bonus game has its own symbol that can trigger it, an image with a pair of dice and with Board Bonus written on it. This scattered symbol needs to appear on three reels at the same time, the 1st, 3rd and 5th.

First, you are asked to choose the token that will represent you on the board. Your piece starts at the GO position, and with each roll of the dice, you will make it move to another spot on the board. When you roll a double, you get an additional roll out of it. Getting three consecutive double rolls will start up a Jail Bonus feature.

As you advance on the board, you will reach various types of bonuses. The Property bonus gets you a mini-slot machine, on which you have one spin for free. The rewards consist either in more free rolls or in money. This slot machine pays better if you’re further along on the board, offering wild symbols as well, with multipliers being between 1x and 3x. Depending on the color of the property you landed on, you get access to levels 1 through 4 of this feature.

The second bonus you can get is when you land on a Utility tile. Its own dice is used, with the roll giving you a prize based on the number that appears. A roll of 7 to 12 will result in 50x to 1500x as a prize.

Another potential tile you can land on is the Community Chest or the Chance. They both give you a random card, extracted from a deck. The result can be the movement of the token to one of the other spots on the board, it can be money or free rolls.

Railroad gets you to move forward until you reach another Railroad tile, plus it gets you an additional free roll. Free Parking also gets you an additional roll for free. Landing on Go, or passing by it (completing a run on the board), will get you a prize worth 200x the line bet.

The Jail Bonus feature gives you three chances to roll the dice and get a double. The prize goes up to 300x if you manage that, plus you get out of jail.


Level Up Plus Feature

This is another interesting part of Monopoly Plus, where you start at lvl 1 (Entrepreneur) and as you make money in the game you advance to the next level, unlock features that you didn’t have before and you make more money during the bonus feature.


Betting options and jackpots

The two options available to you while forming your bets in Monopoly Plus concern their two components, the lines and the line wagers. The first one is easy to figure out, as there are 30 total and all of them are activated. You always use 30 coins inside, but you are allowed to at least change their denomination, and it’s quite the range. They start at $1, so the minimum wager in the game is $30 per spin. They go up to $100 though, so wagers can get up to $3,000 if you can afford them.

The payouts are great, but they require serious investments on your part. The base game rewards you with up to 1,500 coins ($150,000), while the bonus feature called Super Tax Relief can get you 16,000 coins ($1.6 million).

Design and symbols

The design is typical Monopoly, so you will find the various red and green houses, utilities icons, Mr. Monopoly and avatars that you would use to represent you in the game. You’re not going to be impressed by the design, but you are getting the Monopoly experience in it, so there isn’t much to complain about here. The skyscrapers of the city are in the background, plus the level of the game that you’re on is visible in the top right corner.

Symbols: Monopoly Wild (1,500x), Board Bonus Dice (scatter), Red Houses (800x), Green House (400x), Locomotive (150x), Light Bulb (150x), Utilities (150x), Dog (100x), Car (100x) and Top Hat (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an impressive game, especially if you end up in one of its bonus features. It’s complex, potentially very profitable and you will have a lot of fun playing it. Try it out for yourself, you will not regret it.

Monopoly, a Popular Game

Monopoly is a game where chance has its role, but where there is also a lot of skill involved, with resource management, negotiations and strategy all being used to achieve success, and ultimately achieve monopoly. It has more than a century since it was first released, and it has managed to become one of the world’s best known and sold board games.

As a player, you get to move on a board where you can buy properties, trade them, develop them into hotels and houses, collect rent and in the process try your best to bankrupt the other players. With two to eight players involved in each game, it might take you only one hour to complete it, or it might end up taking four hours or more.

This Monopoly Plus slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.