Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus Slots

Monopoly-with-Pass-Go-BonusMonopoly with Pass Go Bonus is one of about half a dozen slot machines that IGT has created, with the official license used in each case, so you can rest assured that you get original graphics and a great experience from it. As you will discover yourself, all the Monopoly slot machines look good, but each one brings something new to the table, for some being the format, for others the prizes and for the rest being about the features. In this version, the focus is on the Pass Go Bonus game.

You will find as many as 9 paylines in this version of Monopoly, all of them on the standard 5 reels. Your time will be well spent in this game, where multipliers, scatter symbols and wilds are available alongside some impressive bonus games. A $25,000 jackpot is offered on top, as an extra reason to give it a chance.

Features of Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus

The bonus game is obviously the star here, but that’s not the only one you get to take advantage of. You will discover that there are also wild symbols, scatters and multipliers inside.

The Mr. Monopoly Wild would be one of the most important parts of the game, able to substitute for most symbols, with the exceptions being the Instant Bonus and the Bonus symbols. While four or less will only get you access to other combinations, with all five present on the same line you get the slot’s jackpot, the equivalent of 25,000 coins.

The only scatter symbol is the one with the community chest and the words Instant Bonus on it. You need only three of these, in any random position, and you will win a prize, chosen at random and which takes the total bet into account.


Pass Go Bonus Feature

The second bonus symbol is not a scatter, so it needs to appear on a payline. It’s the Bonus Dice symbol, with 3 of them sufficient to get you the Pass Go Bonus game. You have to click on one of the dice symbols, to find out how many rolls you’ve got. The prizes start from 10x, and go up from there, depending on what the rolls get you.

Various tiles that you land on during the bonus game will get you different types of prizes. One example would be Go to Jail, a bonus feature where you have to land a double roll within the next three rolls, in order to win a prize. If you manage this with your 1st roll, you get 5x the bet. The 2nd roll gets you less, 3x. The 3rd reel will only get you 1x.

Another example is Free Parking, a tile that gives you a random prize. The Go tile is another one that rewards you, in this case with a 2x multiplier. Go through this tile once, and the deeds double in value. If you go through it a second time, the value of the deeds triples.

Betting options and jackpots

The 9 lines get 1 to 5 coins each, if you choose to select them. You can use fewer paylines if you want to reduce the wager, or fewer coins, but you can’t modify the denomination, which remains fixed at $1. With up to 5 coins for each of the 9 lines, you end up with bets of up to $45.

Your reward will consist in up to 5,000x the line bet, or 25,000 coins/$25,000. It’s a decent prize, though more on the average than on the impressive side.

Design and symbols

You will discover inside a Monopoly themed design, a pleasant looking game that you will love if you’ve been a fan of the board game already. You might not understand much if you haven’t played it before, with its toy cars, play money, dice and title deeds. However, if you’ve played it before it will feel right at home, though there are some images that don’t belong there. I’m talking about some of the symbols, which use fruits, something you don’t get in the original Monopoly.

Symbols: Mr. Monopoly Wild (wild, 25,000 coins), Treasure Chest Bonus (scatter), Bonus Dice (bonus), Monopoly Logo (2,500 coins), Piccadilly Deed (1,200 coins), Mayfair Deed (1,000 coins), Strand Deed (750 coins), Three Stacks of Cash (450 coins), Two Stacks of Cash (300 coins), One Stack of Cash (150 coins), Watermelon Slice (200 coins), Grape (150 coins), Orange (125 coins) and Strawberry (75 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

As a fan of Monopoly, you will enjoy this game and its features, especially the Pass Go round, since it’s so close to the original title. It doesn’t have the most features, or the biggest payouts, but it’s still a solid choice if you’re a fan of the board game.

Monopoly, among the world’s most popular games

Monopoly is considered to be one of the world’s most popular board games, and for good reason. Besides having a lot of competitors and spinoffs, there were also add-ons like Playmaster or Stock Exchange, plus video games, slot machines, TV game shows and movies. There are world championships where players go against each other to test their strategy in Monopoly, which tells you a bit about how serious people are about it.

With a history that dates back to 1903, the game of Monopoly involves both randomness and skill, so even if luck isn’t on your side, you still get your chance to win it, as long as your strategy is sound.

The Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.