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Monopoly: You’re in the Money Slots

Monopoly-You're-in-the-MoneyFaithful to its name, Monopoly: You’re in the Money manages to both give you a good slot machine that is themed around a popular board game, and good value on top, with its prizes being more than decent. It’s not the first Monopoly slot machine from IGT though, so you have plenty of other options to choose from, all of them fun in their own way and having a lot of things in common.

Placing a bet on all 30 lines of Monopoly: You’re in the Money will guarantee you that you have the best chance to win its $100,000 jackpot. On its 5 reels, this IGT slot machine provides you with few features, the wild and some bonus games being the only ones included.

Features of Monopoly: You’re in the Money

The wild symbol might be the star in most games, but in this case it’s mostly the bonus that you will enjoy. The bonus game is where the fun is, as you will discover yourself.


The basic wild, the symbol that is found in so many other slot machines, makes appearances on the reels of this game of Monopoly, substituting for the symbols it can help when it comes to new combinations being formed.

The Mystery Wild is also present, but this one is not found in most slots. It brings Mr. Monopoly to life and it is randomly triggered. You will discover that this feature will turn at least one reel completely wild. With a bit of luck, there will be more than one or two reels turned into wilds, which could make it immensely profitable.


Bonus Game

As usual, this Monopoly slot has a bonus feature that is themed around the original board game. You start it with the three bonus symbols, which need to appear scattered on the reels 1, 3 & 5. Get them all at the same time, and you will get the bonus game.

Just like in the real Monopoly, you use dice rolls to figure out how much you can advance on the board, then you land on tiles with utilities, deeds, free parking, jail, community or chance. Each one brings its own bonus with it, making this one of the more exciting bonus features you will find anywhere. Winning free rolls is also possible, though there is a limit of 50 per bonus game.


Betting options and jackpots

The game has quite the betting range, so if you’re on a very tight budget you will be able to use as little as $1.50 for one spin, while high rollers will be able to wager as much as $3,000. The rewards will obviously be quite different, but in each case proportional to the amount invested. The ones that give you the ultimate value of the coins you win will be the denomination used in your wager, the coins varying between $0.05 and $100, one of them selected for each payline.

The slot’s top prize might give you only 1,000 coins for the 30 that you have to use, but it can mean up to $100,000 cash. With 30 lines, you also get a lot more chances to win during each spin, than if you would’ve had only 9 lines to bet on.

Design and symbols

The design is pleasant, as all Monopoly slot machines are, but the images used are for the most part the same as in the other games from the series, so they seem to just use them again, while changing mostly the features and the payouts. The good side is that all the IGT slots that are based on Monopoly will offer you the same experience graphics wise, and that it’s a pleasant one.

Symbols: Mr. Monopoly Wild (wild, 1,000x), Board Bonus Dice (scatter), Hotels (750 coins), Houses (500x), Railroad (150x), Electric Co (150x), Water Works (150x), Dog Token (100x), Car Token (100x) and Top Hat Token (100x).

Is It Worth Playing?

You will discover that it’s a fascinating slot machine, but that when you compare it with the other Monopoly titles created by IGT it doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t have prizes as big as the Mega Jackpots version, or as many features as the Plus version, but it has almost identical graphics. Overall, this is a great slot, but there are some that are even better.

About Monopoly, the Original Game

There are a lot of different variants of Monopoly out there, with regular and deluxe editions, with lots of copycats and variants that were translated in many languages. There are localized and licensed editions of Monopoly all over the world. The original Monopoly game was released in 1903, with the Parker Brothers version, from 1935, being the one that caught on and is still played today.

The popularity of the game shows in how many other games were based on it, on the films made based on it, documentaries, TV game shows and even slot machines that were inspired by its action.

The Monopoly: You’re in the Money slot machine is offered through the IGT platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.