Pet Luck Slots

Pet-LuckPet Luck is an IGT slot machine with a theme that brings cute animals on your screen, along with a huge progressive jackpot and a very small investment per round. Though pets in general are popular enough among slot developers, I don’t believe I saw one so far that focuses only on baby animals. That’s what Pet Luck does, adding kittens, baby birds and rabbits as symbols, among others. Design wise it could’ve been better, especially with a theme like this.

IGT has included in Pet Luck only 5 paylines for its 5 reels, which gives you an idea of how the game works. Sure enough, you will find that it remains just as simple when you delve deep into its features, meaning that you don’t get any. With $7,500 cash or a bigger progressive jackpot, both top prizes offered are at least decent, and they could be a good reason to try it out.

Features of Pet Luck

What is rare about this game is its lack of features, of any kind. Though a 5 reel slot has features 99 times out of 100, this one doesn’t, and more than that, it only has 5 paylines, the absolute minimum for a modern game. It looks like a dated 5 reel game, but it feels like a hybrid between a 3 reel classic and a 5 reel modern title.

Betting options and jackpots

You don’t have to place large bets in Pet Luck, which is another point in its favor. You can get away with a single payline being selected, but up to five are available and each one only gets one coin. The denomination ranges from $0.10 to $1, insuring that you can activate all the lines with just $0.50, but that you can go up to $5 total if you want to.

You will want the progressive jackpot more than anything else, as it should be, with its prizes going into the hundreds of thousands territory. You might not walk away a millionaire thanks to it, but it’s more than enough to change your life. The alternative is a considerably less impressive $7,500 that the slot’s combinations can give you from their own resources.

Design and symbols

The slot aims for cute with its graphics, and to some extent it succeeds. It doesn’t have great looking graphics though, instead relying on old style drawings of baby animals to keep you interested. Add to that the wild west style playing cards, and you’re going to find the whole thing less than interesting. If the design is extremely important to you when you pick a game, Pet Luck will disappoint.

Symbols: Dog (progressive jackpot), Fish (7,500 coins), Parrot (5,000 coins), Hamster (1,000 coins), Cat (500 coins), Rabbit (200 coins), Ace (100 coins), King (50 coins) and Queen (25 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The answer depends on the type of game you prefer to play. There are other titles out there with very large progressive jackpots, so you’re not forced to play it if you don’t enjoy simple games without any features. Its design could also use a bit more work, it’s nowhere near to the kind of graphics the recent slots are offering.

This Pet Luck slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.