Play Your Cards Right Slots

Play-Your-Cards-RightPlay Your Cards Right is the kind of game where card gamblers will feel right at home. Being inspired by a game of cards, it has on its reels the images of some of the characters that appear on them, along with the four card suits. The look is not that great, especially since it follows the usual design of the playing cards quite closely, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyable.

You are allowed to wager on the game’s 15 lines, and then to spin its 5 reels and see what you got. It might be a feature like Double Chance or Grand Final, or it might be a wild symbol or some scatters. It could even be the top jackpot, and its $1,500 value.

Features of Play Your Cards Right

Scatter and wilds are both part of the game, along with a Double Chance feature, with a Cashpot and the Grand Final feature.

The Cashpot feature is one that helps you accumulate prizes, which you can later win in the Double Chance feature. You need a Blue or a Red Cashpot icon to appear, no matter in what position on the reels. If this happens, the amount mentioned in them will be used to increase the value of the bonus jackpot. The bonus jackpot value is shown in the upper right corner.

If you get a Joker icon on the reels, you will be happy to hear that it’s a wild feature, capable of assisting you with the formation of new combinations. This would mean more prizes for you, though in the long run most likely, not something that you’re going to feel the effects of immediately. You can’t get the Joker to help out with other icons with special powers, so its ability is useful only in regular combinations of symbols.

Double Chance

The first of the two scatter symbols used by the game gets you a feature called Double Chance. It has a Double Chance Logo on it, so it’s quite easy to recognize. The game has three types of jackpots, called Blue Cashpot, Red Cashpot or Bonus Jackpot. This bonus game lets you win one of them and to get there you first need 3+ Double Chance Logos scattered on the reels.

You have to guess whether the cards which are about to be shown will be lower or higher than the previous one. You continue to do this, and you advance towards the ultimate prize, which is the Bonus Jackpot. A Freeze option is part of the game as well, allowing you to get a prize even if you guess incorrectly at some point.

Grand Final

The other bonus feature requires the second scatter symbol to contribute. It’s the Grand Final icon, and you need once again a minimum of three to bring you the feature. You get a prize immediately, the value depending on how many triggering scatters there were. You also get a game, where once again you have to pick Lower or Higher, trying to guess the next card that will come.


Getting all the guesses on a row will mean that you have a prize that is guaranteed, but they keep getting bigger with each new row that you go through.

Betting options and jackpots

Each payline that you activate will get the same wager as the other lines. You can select a value as low as $0.01, or you can go up to $3.75. The total for 15 lines could mean up to $56.25.

The prizes, the regular ones which come from combinations, will give you up to 400 coins, with a value of $1,500.

Design and symbols

The slot is far from an impressive sight, to blame for this being the influence of the standard deck of playing cards. The King, Queen and Jack symbols are among the ones you see on the reels, and they look just like the characters from the deck of cards. There are also the card suits present, along with a couple of feature icons with logos on them.

Symbols: Joker (wild), Red Cashpot (bonus), Blue Cashpot (bonus), Double Chance Logo (scatter), Grand Final Logo (scatter), King (400 coins), Queen (300 coins), Jack (250 coins), Diamond (200 coins), Heart (150 coins), Spade (120 coins) and Club (100 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

It is an unusual game, one that will be appreciated by fans of card games. Its features are its biggest strengths.

Play Your Cards Right can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.