Rubik’s Slot Slots

Rubiks-SlotRubik’s Slot is a game with the famous Rubik’s Cube serving as inspiration for it, as you will quickly notice once it loads. The action actually takes place on three sides of a Rubik’s Cube, with the 3×3 layout of each one using horizontal and vertical lines. These lines get you paid when they have the same color. It doesn’t use regular features or symbols, so it’s the kind of game you should pursue if you’re bored with slot machines and you’re looking for a change.

Since this is a game themed around the Rubik’s Cube, you shouldn’t expect reels or paylines, not the usual kind at least. You still have 18 potential paylines though, but they’re different from what you might expect. A bonus feature with free spins was included, so it’s not completely alien to the way you’re used to playing, but it comes close. Up to $80,000 are up for grabs in this slot, if you can call it that.

Features of Rubik’s Slot

As I’ve mentioned, this is no regular slot machine, so it’s features are different as well. You get freeplays instead of free spins, you can win extra cubes and you have a bonus feature.

The freeplays are won with the help of the letters of the logo. When you light all of them up, the bonus feature will start. You have to peel off stickers, which will result in either additional cubes being won, or in freeplays.

Betting options and jackpots

Without individual lines to select and bet on, the game simply relies on a single wager that has a range of $0.10 to $20. You take it as high as you want, and the prizes you can win are the only ones that change. Your odds of getting the prizes remain the same.

The payouts available go up to 4,000x, the multiplier being used together with the value of your total bet. With the $20 bet, that means up to $80,000. To get the entire prize, you need for all 18 lines to have matching colors on them, though they don’t have to be the same color for all of them.

Design and symbols

The design is completely different from what you know about slot machines. The center is occupied by a Rubik’s Cube, with the bonus features mentioned on the right side, while the paytable is on the left. You don’t get regular symbols, just the colors of the cube, but they don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you form lines of squares of the same color, and if that happens you win prizes depending on how many there are.

Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say so, especially with up to $80,000 in prizes available. It’s also a game that is like no other in the slot machine category, and that’s a huge plus in its favor.

Rubik’s Slot can be found at any IGT casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.