Sensible Soccer Slots

Sensible-SoccerSensible Soccer’s inspiration seems to come from an old video game, which was developed in the 90s and which has an almost cult status among certain players. Though obviously retaining the design of a game from that early gaming period, it nonetheless can be a lot of fun, especially if you grew up with it. It’s a soccer game obviously, and that’s what Sensible Soccer the slot machine will be about as well. The developer is IGT.

The usual 5 columns with symbols are used by Sensible Soccer, the total number of lines going as high as 25. Various bonus games, free spins, scatter symbols and wilds are part of the action inside. The big prize would be the progressive jackpot, followed by a fixed prize of up to $2,000 (5,000 coins).

Features of Sensible Soccer

You will get plenty of cool features from Sensible Soccer, among them being the various bonus games, a wild symbol, scatters, free spins and even a progressive jackpot if your luck helps out.

You have about three types of wild symbols in this game, each one with another character made out of visible pixels. The wilds are used on the reels 2, 3 and 4 only, and from there they do their best to help you get new combinations formed, substituting for whatever regular symbols have the rest of the payline’s positions covered. The images shown by the wild symbols are with the Wobbler, the Fanatic and the Banker. The names might be unusual, but you should know that the Fanatic is a fan, the Banker is a referee and the Wobble is a goalkeeper.

Free Games Feature

You will find that the game has a couple of scatter symbols, one of them being the one with a Soccer Ball on it. This symbol with scatter abilities triggers the free spins, the requirement for that being that it appears at the same time on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels.

You choose which of the three wilds you want to use as an extra feature, and depending on that choice you can get 10, 15 or 20 spins.

Whenever the chosen wild shows up during the free games, you get a few random icons turned into wilds as well.

Buy Your Bonus

This is an unusual way to trigger a bonus game, and I haven’t seen it used before. You can either trigger the bonus game the old fashioned way, by landing the needed symbols, or you can decide to trigger it by paying for it. It’s not a cheap feature to trigger this way, requiring 30x the usual bet to be activated.

Bonus Game

Landing three scatter symbols with the Euro Cup Trophy on them, at the same time and on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels, will get you the slot’s bonus game.

You have to choose which team you want to follow during the Euro Cup that comes next, the knockout part of the competition being the one it focuses on. 16 teams are part of this competition, allowing you to pick one. The teams have bigger or smaller chances to win, and they have bigger multipliers when it’s less of a sure thing.

You can get the kind of experience where you see goals and misses as well, or you can just get the score if you’ve seen it all before and you want the shorter version.

Euro Cup

Once you’ve picked the team and the fixtures are chosen, the Euro Cup begins. The initial matches get two legs, one home, the other away. The final round gets only one match. If you win during a round, you advance to the next one. The team with the most goals in the two legs advances, or if it’s a tie then the away goals matter as well. It can even go to penalty shootouts, just like in real life.

Depending on how far you advance, and on the team you chose, the prizes can vary considerably.

One big advantage of this slot’s bonus game is the progressive jackpot it can bring you. If there are 10 goals in a single round of the Euro Cup, meaning that for the away and home matches combined this number of goals are scored by both teams, then you win the progressive jackpot.

Betting options and jackpots

The number of lines and coins that you work with is pretty standard at 25. The unusual part is the relatively low value of those coins, which only go up to $0.80. The most you can bet on a single spin is $20 because of it.

The slot’s best reward would be that progressive jackpot obviously, with the one in second place being a 5,000 coins prize that is worth at best $2,000.

Design and symbols

Being inspired by the 90s video game called Sensible Soccer, it uses some of those retro graphics that were part of early video games, where the pixels would actually show. It’s a charming game nonetheless though, and I enjoyed playing it. The usual mix of non-themed (playing cards) and themed (soccer related icons) are present on its reels.


Symbols: Referee (wild), Fan (wild), Goalkeeper (wild), Euro Cup Trophy (scatter), Soccer Ball (scatter), Game Logo (5,000 coins), Stadium (1,000 coins), Whistle (500 coins), Ace (100 coins), King (50 coins), Queen (40 coins), Jack (30 coins) and 10 (25 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

The pixilated style of the design might not be a favorite of a lot of people, but if you played the game you can probably appreciate it anyway. The slot offers plenty of good features as well.

Sensible Soccer, the Video Game

Sensible Soccer, a video game about association football (soccer), was released in 1992, being centered on the European Cup. The company behind it was called Sensible Software, while the platforms for which it was designed were Atari ST, Amiga and later for the PC as well. A few other versions came after that, like Sensible World of Soccer in 1994, while the latest one got the same title, but with different graphics, and it showed up in 2007.

This Sensible Soccer slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.