Siberian Storm Slots

Siberian-StormSiberian Storm appears to be themed mostly around Siberia and some of the animals that inhabit it, with the Siberian Tiger being one of the more memorable apparitions among its symbols. With a lot of ice in its graphics, with white and light blue being predominant, you’re going to get cold just by looking at it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great looking slot machine. It’s also quite unusual, as you will discover when you look at its five reels and the way they are built, with 3 to 5 symbols allowed on them.

An IGT creation that has 5 reels and up to 720 ways to win, Siberian Storm presents you with all kinds of interesting features, allowing you to take advantage of wild symbols, of scatters and free spins. Payouts of up to $3,000 are available, which might not sound impressive, but they are good enough when there are so many opportunities for paying combinations to be formed.

Features of Siberian Storm

There are quite a few interesting things about Siberian Storm, the main one being the MultiWay Xtra system, which gives you the option to win starting from either side and without needing a regular payline. Instead, you only need for the symbols to match and be on consecutive reels that start either from right or leftmost reels. That’s why there are up to 720 ways to win (paylines, sort off). On top of this system, you will also discover that there are free spins, stacked wilds and scatter symbols.

The stacked wild is the most valuable feature symbol in Siberian Storm, understandable since there are so many ways to win, so the appearance of multiple wilds can trigger a lot of different small payouts if there are some matching symbols already on the other reels. The one small downside to this symbol is that it is reserved for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels, so you don’t get its help on the two reels where it would be most useful.

There is also the scatter symbol to take into account, that one giving you prizes whenever there are enough of them, no matter in what position they’ve appeared. Finding three scatters on the five reels will get you 2 times the triggering bet. Four scatters pay 10 times the bet. Finally, five scatters will reward you with 50 times the round’s bet.


Free Spins Bonus

The Eye of the Orange Tiger is another special symbol in Siberian Storm, its role being that of a trigger for the free spins bonus. This is not a scatter, but it does make use of the MultiWay Xtra system, so you need five of them on consecutive reels, though their exact position on them doesn’t matter. If that does happen, your reward will consist in 8 free games. Since you can have multiple symbols on the same reel, multiple combinations can form during the same round, each of them giving you the same number of free games. The maximum number of free spins winnable during the same round is limited to 96, but that’s plenty for me.

If you get the Eye of the White Tiger as the free spins are used, you retrigger them and get an extra 8 free spins.


Betting options and jackpots

The game uses 50 coins for all wagers placed inside, the number being enough to cover all the ways to win that are used on its 5 reels. The coin denomination is the one that changes as needed, the range going from $0.01 to $3. With a fixed number of 50 coins used in each bet, the full betting range is from $0.50 to $150.

Your reward will consist in up to 1,000 coins, the top jackpot that Siberian Storm gives you if you’re really lucky. Since the ways to win is in use, there are also plenty of chances of getting multiple combinations formed at the same time.

Design and symbols

You’re going to discover that Siberian Storm is a beautiful and cold place to play in, so it might not be a favorite of yours if you play it in the winter months, but it might be just the right thing for the summer. The five reels are the most unusual here, with the 1st and 5th holding three symbols each, the 2nd and 4th holding four symbols, while the 3rd reel can take five of them. Overall, it’s a pleasant and fun to play slot machine, but you’re going to get the chills when you look at it.

Symbols: White Tiger Wild (wild), Tiger Eye (scatter, 50x the bet), Gem Stones (scatter, 50x the bet), Logo (1,000 coins), Siberian Tiger (400 coins), White Siberian Tiger (300 coins), Tiger Eye Necklace (125 coins), Tiger Tooth (100 coins), Blue Tiger Claw (100 coins), Purple Tiger Claw (50 coins) and Green Tiger Claw (50 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

With its eerie beauty, its 720 ways to win and the many features it has to offer, Siberian Storm should be on your must play list. It might not give you big prizes, but it will give you a lot of them.

This Siberian Storm slot is offered by all online casinos with IGT software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.